AKG Lyra Large-Diaphragm USB Microphone

AKG Lyra Large-Diaphragm USB Microphone

Record vocals, voiceover, instruments, interviews, and more at up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution with this USB mic's flexible mono and stereo pickup patterns.

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3 out of 5 stars
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Submitted February 23, 2022 by a customer from icloud.com
"It's okay..."
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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A highly versatile mic made of cheap parts at a mediocre price point. It's not a $1,000 mic, nor is it a $50 mic that both boast the same capabilities. It's a starter podcaster's mic with variable polar patterns. Its cheap feeling and doesn't include a case meaning those who travel a lot should be wary. But if you have a static rig, it may work well if you can find a shock mount that's compatible. Sound quality is pretty good, albeit slightly sibilant. Compatibility with devices is stellar. Had it up and running in minutes on my iPad Pro - which took minutes only because I had to reinstall GarageBand - though it would have only taken seconds if I was willing to use the built in voice memo app.
Sound is pretty good. A little more sibilance than anticipated. The stand is awful, transferring the slightest tap on the table to the mic, and it's impossible to find a shock mount.
The mic itself is made up almost entirely of plastic. The body, knobs and buttons all feel cheap. Headphone monitoring volume knob is inconsistent and sometimes just doesn't work at all.
Ease of Use
It's pretty much plug and play (record) so that's a plus.
As far as value goes... it's not a win for the price, but you don't lose either. It's just... meh. A mic with a lot of capability wrapped in a cheap shell. Hopefully you'll get your money's worth by the time it breaks down.
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