Allen and Heath ZED-6FX Compact Mixer, 6-Channel

Get A&H quality in a small footprint. Great for solo gigs, this mixer has 2 XLR mic pres, hi-Z DI inputs, built-in FX with tap tempo, XLR main outs and more.

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    4 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
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    4 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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Submitted November 7, 2018 by Jay H in Dover, DE

"Nice for the few features you get!"

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I needed a little mixer for my new mic. I choose the Zed6FX because it was just that a small mixer with a quality name brand and a plethora of effects. Those are pretty much the reasons that I would recommend this mixer if you're looking for quality and awesome effects this has it.The downside of it is that it is as titled "compact". I found that the knobs were difficult to turn because they are spaced so tightly together making it hard to get your fingers in between them. They're even more annoying to use than the knobs on the Roland Boutiques if that gives you an idea how small they are. another problem with the mixer is that it's only output is an single 1/4 effects out and 2 XLR outputs. There is no RCA or 1/4 Stereo outputs. This cuts down a lot of the usefulness of this mixer if you don't plan on using it with a USB interface or only need XLR's. You can purchase converter cables like XLR to 1/4 to solve that issue but still it's an extra expense you might want to consider.The XLR inputs are usually found on studio monitor speakers but so are RCA outputs. So just being limited on your output options really kicks down the mixers usability a notch in my eyes.I will say that for the price range the ZED6FX is in that most other mixers in the same range have RCA or 1/4 outputs at well as XLR's.My best recommendation is that this is a mixer for those that want an Allen & Heath and would like a more sleeker look and tad nicer build quality over the other mixers like Sound Craft, Yamaha, or Mackie.I will note that I believe Mackie's PRO FX series would be a better choice as it's not only cheaper but it has both RCA & 1/4 outputs both in stereo as well as a multitude of effects and best of all it has a graphic equalizer. I would have purchased one of their mixers had I not gotten the ZED6FX at such a good price.I also want to note because it's not made very clear by Allen and Heath's marketing but the ZED6 mixers are different from the ZEDi8 and ZEDi10 in that they do not feature USB or the recording program that's bundled with the 8 and 10 versions. If you're looking for USB support this mixer is incapable of doing that. I'm not sure why Allen and Heath didn't make this a ZEDi6 and give the user USB support other than to be cheap I guess but looking at the ZEDi8 it's the exact same Mixer as the ZED6 only with USB and a source select feature. So for those that want a super budget Allen and Heath this is your prime choice but for those on a budget that want "Features" over brand name than without hesitation you want a MackieProFX.

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