zZounds Live: Boss GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

Boss and their parent company Roland have been the worldwide leaders in guitar synthesizer innovation for decades, beginning with the revolutionary GR-500 system in 1977. The GM-800 is the payoff for these years of research and development with some of the most talented artists of all time. Powered by the expandable ZEN-Core Synthesis System that also powers synthesizers like the Roland JUPITER-X and FANTOM, the GM-800 offers over 1200 sounds and uses advanced modeling so your tone will never fall short.

Watch Justin take the Boss GM-800 on a synth-guitar journey, and see why you need this incredible synth on your pedalboard!

Boss GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

Boss GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer
Along with natural playability and boundless tonal range, Boss' GM-800 guitar synthesizer boasts a huge sound library with low-latency note and pitch tracking. Powered by Roland's own ZEN-Core sound engine, the GM-800 is less of a guitar pedal, and more of a fully fledged synthesizer. From soaring synth leads, to drippy analog tones, the GM-800 transforms your guitar tone into some of the most famous synthesizer sounds.

ZEN-Core: A Roland-designed sound engine that's used on some of the world's most powerful synthesizers.
Sounds: The GM-800 boasts an incredible library of sounds --over 1200 Tones and 70 Rhythm sounds.
Tracking: The GM-800 is designed with the lowest latency tracking of any Boss synthesizer unit.
Tone: Powerful Scene workflow with four Tones plus Rhythm.
I/O: Serial GK expansion, MIDI connectivity, two control jacks for footswitches or an expression pedal, USB connectivity, and more.
Effects: Over 90 total effect types available in each Scene.
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