Match the Mood: Speakers + Lights in White

PA Speakers and Light Fixtures in White

Set up gear that matches your event's aesthetic

Who says PA speakers and light fixtures have to be black? Whether you're setting up a PA system for a wedding, a house of worship, a yoga studio, or a white-tie formal event, speakers and lights in white can help create a classy impression by blending in with the venue -- or standing out in a good way!

Light Fixtures in White

Chauvet DJ GigBar Move in White
Class up your mobile lighting rig with white fixtures.

An all-in-one lighting system like the Chauvet DJ GigBar Move is perfect for mobile DJs who need a super-fast setup and maximum bang-for-buck. Grab one or two of these systems in white or black, and you've got what you need to make the dance floor pop.

PA Systems in White

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 PA System in White
Match the look of the venue with an elegant white column PA system.

Column PA systems like the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 are a great choice for performers or DJs who need a compact, lightweight, portable system that packs a full-range punch, with an integrated subwoofer, tweeter array up on top, and built-in DSP to shape your sound and make the most of your available wattage. Best of all, these systems come in black or white, so you can fit in with the venue's decor!

PA Speakers in White

Peavey Impulse 1012 PA Speaker in White
Blend in with the decor of your space with white PA loudspeakers.

Whether you're building a portable PA system or a permanent installation, white loudspeakers like the Peavey Impulse 1012 are a great fit for formal event spaces, boardrooms, houses of worship, fitness studios, restaurants, and more.

Headphones in White

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones in White
Make an impression with headphones that stand out.

Some of our most popular headphones -- like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x -- are available in white. So if you're putting together a white DJ rig or PA system, you can treat your ears to a matching pair of cans. While most white PA speakers and light fixtures can blend in with their surroundings, a white pair of headphones is more likely to stand out than standard-issue black. Rock these headphones and make a bold statement!

More Live Sound Accessories in White

Live sound accessories in white
Complete the look of your setup with white stands, covers, and more. White scrims for your speaker stands and DJ tables can hide cables for a professional, elegant look. You can even dress up black PA speakers with white stretchy covers that you can toss in the wash!