Customer Kudos
"zZounds has a stunning selection of gear and with the play-as-you-pay payment plan, a musician can get anything and be playing pronto. Shipping is ultra fast for in-stock items, and customer service is friendly and personable."
February 3, 2023
Top-Shelf Mics

Great Sound Starts at the Source

Recording great tracks is hard to do when you're fighting your gear. Budget microphones have their uses, but those uses shouldn't be on critical vocal or instrument tracks if you can avoid it. But how can you record better tracks if quality mics are prohibitively expensive?

That's where zZounds payment plans come in. With no-interest payments spread out over months, it's a lot easier to add a couple of excellent microphones to your mic locker -- and when you can record the sound properly at the source, then mixing gets a lot easier.

A great microphone is something you'll take good care of and cherish for years, even decades, and it'll make every recording that much better. Why wait to upgrade your sound? Our zero-interest payment plans make it easy to start recording better tracks right now!
For That Perfect Vocal Sound
With crisp, airy highs, detailed midrange, and full lows, these boutique mics from Neumann, Manley, Sony, and Mojave are what the professionals reach for when recording critical lead vocal tracks.
Small-Diaphragm and Shotgun Mics