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March 18, 2024
Taylor Dreadnought Body Shape

Taylor Acoustic Guitar Buyer's Guide: Dreadnought

The Dreadnought design is perhaps the most recognizable and traditional design in the acoustic guitar market. Taylor's take on the dreadnought body delivers a vintage warm tone but still has the balance and bite that Taylor is so well-known for. The Dreadnought body shape has a loud and full sound with heaps of harmonically rich overtones, yet has a very clear articulation that will cut thorough any dense mix.

The Dreadnought body shape is perfectly suited for flatpickers, strummers, and anyone who is looking for a traditional acoustic guitar that is anything but ordinary. If the model number ends with a 0, it's a Dreadnought. For example: 810.

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Dreadnought - 100 Series
Dreadnought - Academy Series

Taylor A10e Academy Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Left-Handed


  • 12 x  
  • No Credit Check
    4 x  

Taylor A20e Academy Walnut Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar


  • 12 x  
  • No Credit Check
    4 x