Unlock Your Axe: Special Effects Buying Guide

Buying Guide: Special Effects

When is a guitar not a guitar? When it's played through one of these special effects! With these tools, you can create fresh sounds that are decidedly un-guitar-like. Turn plucked strings into bowed strings, build three-dimensional textures, or jack your guitar's pitch up to a tone only a dog could hear. These special effects will expand your guitar's vocabulary and take you on a journey of tonal discovery.

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Tremolo and Vibrato Effects
The unmistakable warble and shimmer of tremolo and vibrato effects has endeared them to generations of musicians. It's easy to hear why: the warble, whether sped-up or slow, adds an extra dimension to your tone, creating a feeling of depth. Turn on this effect for rhythm parts or leads, and hear the way the pulse of tremolo and vibrato takes run-of-the-mill riffs and makes them unforgettable.
Rotary Speaker Effects
The immortal sound of the Leslie rotating speaker has graced countless guitar, keyboard, and vocal tracks. Its shimmering, heavenly sound doesn't come easily -- vintage Leslie rigs cost thousands of dollars, are complex to maintain, and are as large as an amp stack. Plug into any of these pedals to get a portable rendition of the classic Leslie rotary speaker sound, with the flexibility to dial in the exact amount you need of this gorgeous effect.