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February 6, 2021
Snare Drums: zZounds' Buying Guide

Snare Drums: zZounds' Buying Guide

Drummers are often seen as "tone collectors," loading up their rigs with ever more toys and tools for delivering percussive textures. Though cymbals are important to your individual sound as a drummer, the snare drum is the real backbone of the modern drum kit. And the snare tones available to drummers are more numerous than ever. From old-standby studio snares, to alt-snares that boom off to the side of a kit, all the way to stage workhorse snares for night-in, night-out tonal consistency, here are some of the shining examples of great snares you can find at zZounds!

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Studio Recording Snare Drums
The recording studio is where drum tone goes to shine. A great recording snare can revolutionize a record and bring unparalleled character to a mix. Be it a deep, fat brass snare or a more modern-sounding exotic wood snare, the art of finding a solid studio recording snare is easier than ever with zZounds' drum selection. Multiple tuning options, consistent tone and quality play heavily into these recording snare drum selections.
Unique Alternative Snare Drums
Set up off to the right or left of your kit, the alt-snare is a tool used by countless professional drummers and percussionists. This snare adds variety and flavor to your kit. Use it for ghost notes after the initial snare it, or for fill variation -- the options are endless. Unique tone, specialized sizes, and diverse materials make these great alt-snare drums.
Workhorse Live Snare Drums
The lights, crowd, and big stage of a live show feels electric, and calls for a commanding snare drum to center your kit around. A reliable workhorse live snare is a must for the gigging and touring drummer. Multiple tuning options, sturdy construction, and projection all weigh into a great live-use snare drum.
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