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November 19, 2022
Seymour Duncan Buying Guide: Pickups, Pedals, and Beyond

Seymour Duncan Buying Guide

Seymour Duncan (the company) has been producing top-tier pickups since 1976, but Seymour Duncan (the man) got his start in the late '60s wiring pickups for the likes of Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, and working with Seth Lover, inventor of the humbucker, as a mentor.

Seymour Duncan guitar and bass pickups are still installed on countless instruments worldwide -- and are often included as standard upgrades in guitars. The company's entrance into the pedal world has been a stunning success with innovation at every turn. Shop our Seymour Duncan Buying Guide to learn more about what this top brand has to offer!

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Seymour Duncan Humbucker Pickups
Seymour Duncan Single-Coil Pickups
Strat and Tele players also know Seymour Duncan for their creative single-coil-sized models. Case in point: the innovative Hot Rails pickup, which has given many a Strat player humbucker-thick tones that fit in their SSS-shaped pickguard -- or the signature bite that a set of Quarter Pound pickups can add to a Tele.
Seymour Duncan Bass Pickups
Seymour Duncan Pickups for Acoustic Guitars
If you've got a classic acoustic guitar you know and love, but just wish you could plug it in on stage, Seymour Duncan has you covered with pickups for acoustic guitars. The Woody fits right in your guitar's soundhole and is attached to a 1/4" cable. It's the mod-free way to get articulate, plugged-in tone.
Seymour Duncan Pedals
Though best known for pickups, Seymour Duncan has been producing some of the most versatile, well-designed pedals in the game. Whether it's a super-powerful delay like the Andromeda, or the pure, simple lift of the Pickup Booster, all Seymour Duncan pedals are made in the USA and have features that go above and beyond.
Seymour Duncan PowerStage
Round out your rig with a Seymour Duncan PowerStage. Available in a pedal or amp head format, the PowerStage is an ultra-portable power amp that is an ideal solution for a number of needs. Plug directly into a cab for consistent live sound, or use it as a backup in case of amp failure -- the PowerStage is there when you need it most.