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March 15, 2024

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

When Roland and Studio Electronics announced they were joining forces and collaborating on a synthesizer, the music world took notice. Their first collaborative instrument is the SE-02, a fully analog monophonic synth in Roland's scaled-down Boutique format. The first analog synth in the Boutique Series, the small-format SE-02 packs a big punch with three fully-analog VCOs, a 16-step sequencer and a whole lot more.

We're impressed with the results of Roland and Studio Electronics' partnership and think you will be too. Read on to learn more about the SE-02!
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Modern Synth, Classic Sounds

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
Turn a few knobs on the SE-02 and you'll be able to nail just about any iconic synth tone you can think of. That's because its true analog voltage-controlled oscillators each offer six waveforms for rich tone crafting that retains all the warmth of classic synths.

One thing you won't miss from the synths of yesterday: temperature affecting your tone and time to tune. The SE-02's VCOs are temperature-stabilized, and tuning happens instantly upon startup.

The SE-02 was designed with a knob-per-function control panel, giving users a simple, intuitive interface with absolutely no menu-diving. All of this makes editing sounds much easier, whether you're doing it on the fly during a live show, tweaking one of the 384 factory presets, or crafting your own to add in any of 128 user preset slots.

Right in Sequence

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
Roland made their name on sequencers found in their original drum machines and synths, so of course they developed a great one for the SE-02. The 16-step sequencer is extremely flexible, giving you access to the direction, scale, shuffle and first and last steps of the sequence on the fly! Storage space is vast -- with room for 128 preset sequences and 16 songs. In keeping with the SE-02's modern capabilities, the sequencer can be tempo-synced via MIDI, USB or a trigger device, meaning you won't have to worry about your SE-02 playing nice with your contemporary beat-making gear.

A Powerful Partnership

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
The SE-02 is the first product to come from a partnership between Roland and Studio Electronics, as part of the Boutique Designer Series. Studio Electronics has made synthesizers by hand in the USA since 1988, and their SE-1 has hallowed status among synth lovers as the first programmable monophonic synthesizer.

Tasked with creating a feature set for the synth, Studio Electronics has armed the SE-02 with a discreet ladder filter and a dual-gain stage amplifier section that gets nasty enough to appease even the heaviest industrial bands. With 3 XMod types and Feedback, the SE-02 delivers the unique sound coloring and ultra-aggressive textures you need to craft sick synth sounds.

Recommended Accessories

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
Already have a MIDI controller keyboard you dig? Fit the SE-02 into your rig with Roland's DK-01 dock, with its integrated tilt stand to give you access to all the SE-02's knobs.

Need a new controller? Roland's K-25M Boutique USB MIDI keyboard is the ideal controller for your SE-02, as it fits perfectly in the upper slot. The 25 mini-keys and tilt-back design let you get your controls just where you want them.

And when you're on the go, you'll want to store your SE-02 in the official Roland Boutique gig bag! This zippered bag fits all Boutique series synths.