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Roland Drums: zZounds' Buying Guide

Roland Drums: zZounds' Buying Guide

Hugely influential in the drum world and production community, used every night on countless tours, setting the standard for the entire industry -- we're talking about Roland drums! Since the first V-Drums module came off the line in 1997, Roland has built a legacy on the high-performance nature and amazing sound of their electronic drum kits. Legendary players like Tony Royster Jr., Chad Wakerman, and Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett stand behind Roland V-Drums for their live performances and studio production, while newer artists like Andrew Marshall rely on Roland drums to power arena-sized drum production each night on tour. From their incredible V-Drums kits and multipads, to trigger modules and even personal monitors, you'll find the Roland drum gear you're looking for in our buying guide!

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Roland V-Drum Kits
Roland revolutionized the drum world with the first V-Drums kit, released in 1997. The TD-10 made waves due to its ultra-realistic sound production, and since then, Roland has spearheaded efforts to innovate and further explore the electronic drum world. Modern Roland V-Drums kits are as close as you can get to real acoustic drum sounds in an electronic kit package!
Roland Multipad Drums and Trigger Modules
In today's world of on-stage production, seriously dense studio workflows, and endless options when it comes to composition, it's no secret that Roland contributes in a big way to the technology drummers use heavily every day. From multipad drums that make timing beats or samples on-stage easy, to trigger modules that are the brain of your entire rig, zZounds' Roland selection runs deep.

Roland Drums Hardware and Amplifiers
They may not be as sexy as a V-Drums kit, but hardware and amplification are extremely important. And when your kit is outfitted with high-quality hardware, you have peace of mind when playing a show, performing in the studio, or writing that perfect beat. Paired with the ideal Roland V-Drums amplifier, your setup never sounded so good! zZounds offers the right, high-quality Roland hardware and amps to support your V-Drums kit.

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