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March 17, 2023

Paul Reed Smith HDRX Series

Authentically Hendrix, Thoroughly Modern

When you think about the gear Jimi Hendrix famously used, one brand that doesn't come to mind is Paul Reed Smith. But that didn't stop PRS engineers from distilling the signature tone of the world's most iconic guitarist into a modern amp design. Given the "Authentic Hendrix" stamp of approval from the Hendrix estate, the PRS HDRX series of amp heads each feature a circuit that faithfully recreates one from an amp Jimi actually used at Woodstock. This, paired with all-tube power sections and preamps, and a refined yet vintage-accurate control panel make the HDRX series a go-to for psychedelic shamans, blues aficionados, and anyone who appreciates classic guitar tone.

With 100-watt, 50-watt, and 20-watt heads all available, along with two cabinet options, our Spotlight guide is here to help you make the best choice when shopping for your HDRX rig. Want to hear one for yourself? Check out our review of the HDRX 20 amp head on the zZounds Blog!
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HDRX 100 Amp Head

Paul Reed Smith HDRX 100 Guitar Amplifier Head
Jimi Hendrix is best known for playing a 100-watt amp head, so the HDRX 100 comes the closest to recreating the sound, feel, and experience of playing his Woodstock rig. Based on an actual circuit from an amp Hendrix used at Woodstock, the HDRX 100 is powered by four EL34EH power tubes and features 3 JJ ECC803S tubes in the preamp for authentic vintage British tone.

One thing not carried over from vintage amps: the noise. The HDRX 100 is super-quiet with little to no hiss at most settings. Internally bridged channels, each with their own volume controls, make it so you can achieve the beloved "jumped" tones of the past without needing extra cables. A 3-band EQ plus a mid gain switch and 3-way bright switch give you plenty of tone sculpting options, making the amp more than just a psychedelic blues machine. For the ultimate Hendrix experience, reach for the HDRX 100.

HDRX 50 Amp Head

PRS Paul Reed Smith HDRX 50 Guitar Amplifier Head (50 Watts)
The HDRX 50 is the series midrange model, but suits a wide variety of uses. Based on the same Hendrix touring circuit as its bigger brother, it features the same tube lineup: twin EL34EH tubes in the power section and three JJ ECC803S tubes in the preamp. Translation: this amp gives you all the same stunningly accurate Hendrix tone while retaining plenty of power for even massive gigs.

Play around with blending this amp's two channels to carve out different tones spanning Hendrix's career, or make your own new sounds. Two bright switch settings allow you to dial in just enough top end to make your solos shine, or engage the mid-gain switch for extra punch on your riffs. The HDRX 50 doesn't skimp on power or features, making it ideal for the gigging guitarist.

HDRX 20 Amp Head

Paul Reed Smith HDRX Guitar Amplifier Head (20 Watts)
Smallest in the lineup but certainly not to be overlooked, the HDRX 20 is a concentrated blast of Hendrix tone. Packing in twin 5881 tubes in the power section with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, the HDRX 20 gets to overdrive territory the fastest, where it growls with authority. Find an all-out burning tone or ride the edge of breakup and enjoy the amp's dynamic response.

Outfitted with the same 3-band EQ, presence, bright, and mid-gain switches as its bigger siblings, the HDRX 20 is extremely versatile despite its vintage inspiration. Its 20-watt power rating is the most suitable for home practice while still providing enough for most gigs, especially when used with a miked cabinet. If you want to dial in iconic rock tone at home or you seek the most value in a gig-worthy amp, look no further than the HDRX 20!

HDRX 2x12 Speaker Cabinet

Paul Reed Smith HDRX 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet (150 Watts, 2x12")
An ideal companion for the HDRX 100 and HDRX 50, this HDRX cab houses twin Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speakers within a poplar plywood enclosure. The sound emitted is thick, and decidedly vintage, without the muffled quality that plagued actual vintage cabs. The midrange punch and high-end clarity you dial into your HDRX amp will shine through. Handsome salt-and-pepper grill cloth completes the vintage look and a top-mounted handle helps with load-in.

HDRX 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

Paul Reed Smith HDRX 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet (70 Watts, 1x12")
A perfect match in size and power for the HDRX 20 amp head, the HDRX 1x12 cabinet transmits your guitar tone through a single 12" Celestion V-Type speaker inside of a closed-back design. Expect a balanced tone that's as expressive as your unique playing style. At just 43 lbs and sporting a top-mounted handle, the HDRX 1x12 is an easy travel partner, and its classically inspired salt-and-pepper grill cloth looks great on any stage.