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December 11, 2021
Welcome to the Shred Zone

Kramer Guitars Buying Guide

Hop in the DeLorean! Where we're going, we don't need roads. Go back in time to the 1980s, when high-gain half stacks crowded a stage, and big hair was all the rage. Kramers are perfect for stunt guitar, shredding, and standing out. Dive-bomb to your heart's content while you get some screaming feedback during that big solo. Pick up a stripped-down rock machine like a Baretta, because sometimes a bridge pickup is all you need. Need a little more versatility? Grab an SM-1 to get all those in-between sounds with some single-coil pickups.

Find your way around this Kramer guitar buying guide to find the next axe for your arsenal.
Modern Collection
If find yourself playing more single-cut style guitars, look no further than Kramer's Modern Collection. Get the modern edge with an EMGs and have your choice with or without a Floyd Rose tremolo system.