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January 16, 2022

Harmony Guitars

An American-Made Legacy Continues

If you remember the Harmony guitars of the mid-1960s, you recall their entirely original body styles, features, and tones. You also may appreciate the fact that Harmony is back in business, building guitars in Kalamazoo, MI.

Harmony's current roster both revamps legacy models and blazes new trails with original designs. There is something here to suit nearly any player. Each of these models sports premium features like custom gold foil pickups, nitrocelluose finishes that age with grace, ebony or rosewood fretboards, locking tuners, and orange drop capacitors. Each Harmony guitar also comes shipped with a Mono case to add even more value to an amazing instrument.

Learn more about each Harmony model below and discover which best suits your musical vision!
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Harmony Silhouette

Harmony Silhouette
If angular, offset bodies fit your vibe, the Silhouette is the Harmony model for you. Designed with an alder body that's as bold today as it was in the '60s, the Silhouette has tone to match thanks to a pair of custom gold foil mini-humbuckers. A three-position switch and tone and volume knobs let you dial in your preferred blend of twang or bite.

The Silhouette's C-shaped maple neck is a breeze to play on, and compensated saddles on its half-bridge make for easy action adjustments, letting you tailor its feel to your liking.

Harmony Juno

Harmony Juno
Another original in the modern Harmony line, the Juno caters to players seeking full-sized tone in a compact package. One thing must be made clear -- the Juno has a full 25" scale length, so it plays like a regular guitar. Its scaled-down mahogany body is made to fit comfortably for players of all sizes and ages.

The Juno also features a unique pairing of custom gold foil P-90s. These pickups punch with plenty of harmonic detail suitable for any style. Pull up on the volume knob to instantly replicate the sound of a rolled-down tone knob, perfect for jazz or softer, percussion-like tones.