Find the perfect gift for the home studio musician.

Gift Guide: Gifts for Creators

As every content creator and music producer knows, pro recording gear can be expensive -- which is why we've filled this gift guide with ideas that will fit any budget, starting at just $29. From headphones to microphones to cameras, this guide is packed with gear that's perfect for creators and producers of all kinds.

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Gifts for Content Creators: Audio Interface Bundles
For content creators just getting started recording or livestreaming at home, an all-in-one studio package can be the perfect gift. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio package includes a microphone, headphones, USB audio interface, and recording software -- just add a computer.

For solo or duo podcasters, Focusrite's Vocaster series interfaces are the perfect fit.

Ready for the next step up? Help a creator start their home studio with an all-in-one bundle that includes a set of studio monitor speakers, like the PreSonus Studio One Producer Recording Bundle or Mackie Studio Bundle.
Gifts for Content Creators: Studio Monitors
Every up-and-coming creator or producer can use a solid pair of studio monitor speakers. For home studios, we recommend smaller speakers -- here are our favorites across price ranges, from the super-affordable PreSonus Eris and Mackie CR-X monitors, to the home studio favorite Kali Audio LP6, to Adam Audio's entry-level ribbon-tweeter offering, the T5V.
Gifts for Content Creators: Headphones
Every producer can use a pair of headphones, for making music late into the night without bothering neighbors. We recommend closed-back headphones for tracking acoustic instruments and vocals, since they minimize "bleed." For beginners or pros, the Audio-Technica M50X are a studio workhorse that our customers love. Or if you're looking for a great sound at an affordable price, TASCAM TH-02 headphones do not disappoint.

If you plan to do less live recording, and more mixing and mastering, a pair of open-back headphones generally delivers a more accurate sound, such as the popular Sennheiser HD 400 PRO.
Gifts for Content Creators: USB and XLR Microphones
Can you ever have too many microphones? Mics make great gifts -- even the most seasoned producer is always looking to add to their collection. Microphones are beautiful, they don't take up much space, and they never become obsolete! Choose a USB microphone like the Rode XCM-50 if you'd like to plug the mic directly into your computer or mobile device, without using a mixer or interface. Or, go with a studio-standard XLR microphone, such as the classic Electro-Voice RE20 if your setup includes an audio interface, mixer, or preamp with XLR inputs. Not sure whether to go USB or XLR? The Shure MOTIV MV7 microphone has both USB and XLR outputs, making it a super-flexible mic that can grow with your setup.
Gifts for Content Creators: Recording Tools
When you're recording vocals at home, an sE Electronics Reflexion Filter can help capture cleaner sound. The X1 S Studio Microphone Bundle includes the X1 S microphone itself and the filter to go around it, plus a pop filter and XLR microphone cable. Need more sound isolation? Invest in an IsoVox 2 VocalStudio mobile vocal isolation booth -- it's the next best thing to having a dedicated recording booth in your house!

If the producer on your list is looking for a high-end audio interface that's still portable and desk-friendly, we recommend the Apogee Boom. And for the creator who wants to produce a podcast with a group, check out the TASCAM Mixcast 4 -- a standalone recorder with 4 mic channels and all sorts of built-in tools for podcasters.