Freedom of Choice

Buying Guide: Amp-Modeling and Multi-Effects

To play your best, you need to have total control of your sound. The perfect guitar and amp are just the beginning -- crafting most modern tones really requires effects and outboard controllers. Want to switch tones in the middle of a song? You might need several guitars, amps, and pedals. But even with a fleet of semi trucks at your disposal, it can be risky to lug several vintage (and very expensive!) guitars and tube amps across the country.

Multieffects Pedals combine the most essential effects -- reverbs and delays, distortions and overdrives, flangers and compressors, phasers and choruses -- giving players freedom from gear and freedom of choice. More advanced multi-fx pedals let you program and store individual effects settings so you can shift your parameters as you're playing -- making it easy to perform complex sonic arrangements to give you an edge during live shows and recording sessions.

Amp-Modeling Effects free players from the limits of one amplifier. With amp modeling, players can have hundreds of virtual amplifiers at their fingertips. Digital modeling technology gives you tonal flexibility: you can tweak an original modeled amp's sonic signature to create unheard-of tones.

Completing your rig with a solid multi-fx pedal and amp-modeling effects gives you the freedom to create and manage your own completely original sounds and tones. By cutting down your gear, you also give your signal a boost -- forget about the tone-suckage an endless chain of cables and pedals usually imparts on your signal. Follow our buying guide to get started on your journey to amp-modeling and multieffects freedom!

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Multi-Effects Pedals
Some dances make you look cool, some make you look classy -- but dancing across a pedalboard packed with 30 stompboxes and tripping over your own feet during your dramatic solo does not make you look like either one. Luckily for you, these multi-fx pedals make it simple to create, program, and assign effect settings and parameters to a number of footswitches, eliminating the fancy footwork while still letting you create unique sonic combinations. More importantly, you can cover a number of different styles and sounds without lugging around thousands of dollars of gear!

Multi-fx pedals come loaded with tons of different effects and controls to let you dial in the exact sound you're looking for. Once you plug into these pedals, your bandmates and audience will think you have mountains of gear hidden behind a curtain like a musical Wizard of Oz!

Advanced multi-fx processors let you connect your MIDI controllers and other outboard gear. Pick up one of these multi-fx pedals to create amazingly detailed and authentic effects and tones, and also to program your settings and parameters to organize what sounds you need and when -- song by song, or note by note. For complete flexibility and freedom from the limits of endless chains of traditional pedals, modern multi-fx pedals are unbeatable.