Schecter RIOT-5 5-String Electric Bass

The Schecter RIOT-5 offers great range and tone. With EMG-40HZ active pickups and a solid Wenge top, the Schecter RIOT-5 was built to rock.

What's special about this item?

Feature: What it does:
Mahogany back Dry and airy tone; clear, present midrange
Maple and walnut neck Full, balanced tone and good sustain
Rosewood fretboard Open, warm tone and smooth playing feel
String-through-body construction Increased sustain and coupled body resonance

Featuring eye-popping looks and premium build-quality, the new Riot-5 from Schecter Guitar Research is tailor-made to the demands of today’s modern bassist. This instrument begins with a 5-piece maple/walnut laminate bolt-on neck, reinforced with carbon-fiber rods and topped with a 35” scale ebony fingerboard equipped with 24 narrow-jumbo frets, which is then matched to a light-weight swamp ash body with an eye-popping poplar burl top. Afterwards it is armed with a thunderous EMG electronics package, including a 40JCSX in the bridge, a 40PCSX in the neck, and an EMG B-30 3-Band EQ, all operating off an 18v power supply for sky-high headroom. Finally, Schecter die-cast tuning machines, a Graph Tech nut, and a Schecter Custom Bass String-Thru bridge round out the hardware package to ensure massive tone with maximum tuning stability. Regardless which you choose between the available Satin Inferno Burst and Satin Aurora Burst finishes, both with contrasting Rusty Grey back and sides, with the Riot-5 in hand you’ll be sure to incite a reaction at your next show. Optional SGR-Universal Bass moulded case or Pro Bass Bag sold seperately.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

- Body: Swamp Ash
- Top: Poplar Burl
- Neck: Multi 5-Ply Maple/Walnut
- Neck Construction: Bolt On
- Neck Shape: Thin C
- Fretboard Radius: 16”
- Scale Length: 35”
- Fretboard: Ebony
- Truss Rod: Dual action with two carbon fiber reinforcement rods
- Nut: Graphtech Black Tusq
- Frets: 24 Narrow Extra Jumbo
- Bridge Pickup: EMG 40JCSX
- Neck Pickup: EMG 40PCSX
- Tuners: Schecter
- Bridge: Schecter Custom-5
- Controls: Volume/Blend/3-Band EQ(Bass/Mid/Treble)
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Satin Aurora Burst
Shipping Weight: 11.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 52 x 19 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1452

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-660-6621

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (9 ratings)
Submitted April 17, 2011 by a customer from
"Schecter's Hidden Secret!"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I will probably use this bass for years to come. The perks that made me buy this bass are the woods used in the construction, body style that is unique, neck-thru design, string-thru bridge, solid built bridge with large saddles, action is nice and low, and has a great low growl to the sound that isn't muddy or dark. I would highly recommend this bass to anyone who likes the thin Ibanez or Yamaha TRB style of necks. This bass has a similar neck thickness but has that "solid" built feel. DO NOT confuse this for the Riot Deluxe!!!! This is the Flagship for Schecter and I feel this has a better feel than the Elite-5 and the Studio-5, both of which are great basses in and of themselves. I think this bass is an easily overlooked model that has great features you would find on basses that cost $1000-$2000, but for half the price. Don't let the price fool you into thinking this is a cheap bass that sounds cheap because it is far from the truth. If I lost this bass or someone stole it I would DEFINITELY buy it again! Although a personal preference, I did change out the EMG EQ for an Aguilar OBP-2.

The Riot-5 has great lows that aren't muddy. The maple-walnut neck-through design help keep the tone from getting too muddy by adding the upper mids. The mahogany wings add additional "body" to the sound and give it depth for the lows that I feel help round out the overall tone. It doesn't not sound like a Fender J or P Bass but you read more can get similar sounds with the upper mids and highs that you would want while playing slap or punk styles of music. Other basses that I have played will vibrate throughout the body and neck but this bass is solid as a rock and I have yet to find any "dead" spots on the neck.

The Riot-5 came with the necessary Allen Wrenches and a instrument cable. The input jack has a nice stiff grab on the instrument cable jack and "locks" it in tight so you don't have to deal with a flimsy jack like on many other basses. The Neck-thru design is a feature that I like about this bass. It has a smooth contour at the transition to the body and the lower horn of the body allows you to reach the higher frets with ease. The bridge is solid and it allows you to either string-thru the body or end of the bridge. The bridge saddles are big and solid, which I think is an oversight on many other brands, and are easy to adjust. The Tuning machines are smooth to operate and I have yet to have any problems with them sliding out of tune. Many people complain about the EMG HZ pickups, but I have been getting impressive harmonics from this bass. Although they don't have that extra "zing" you get with active pickups, it still does the job when you wanna slap, pick, pop, or thumb the strings. The EQ is an Active EMG system as well. You DO have the option of moving two selector switches on the bass control that allow you to change the treble frequency. You will have to move them around (either up or down) and play with the settings to get the sound you like. This allows you to dial in the sound you want from your highs. The battery compartment is held in by screws and I wish it was secured by a thumb switch. This is a minor setback but not a deal breaker. It comes with a TUSQ nut and I have yet to have any problems with it. The stock GHS Boomers are good for about a week so order a new set of strings to have on hand when they go dead.

Ease of Use
You can adjust the EQ system from simply turning either the pickup selector, volume, bass, or treble knobs. You also have the option of adjusting the treble frequency by moving the two mini switches on the chipboard located on the bass knob.

The Riot-5 was ready to play straight out of the box. The action is nice and low without string-buzz. The finish is smooth with no imperfections in the stain or lacquer finish. I give this a 9 because of the dot-inlays. I think Schecter could have matched the rest of the quality of the bass by using Abalone instead of cheap looking plastic.

This bass is a STEAL for the price they are asking. The build quality, woods, and finish are superb. If you don't like the EQ System or the Pickups on the bass you can always change them can't change out the woods used or finish. The control cavity is easy to access from the rear. The wiring is actually organized and not just soldered and pushed inside the cavity. I have played on Fenders, Music Man, ESP, Yamaha, and Ibanez basses before and this is the best feeling bass I have played to date.

The Wow Factor
The headstock is perfect for this bass and is not gaudy like some other brands. The lower horn on the body is unique and sets the bass apart from you traditional looking basses. The color is consistent and there are no dark "splotches" throughout the bass. It is dark enough to highlight the dark walnut strips in the neck and various wood grains in the body. The high gloss finish sets off the beveled curves of the body and deepens the brown stain on this bass.

Musical Background:
Hobbyist, Active Musician

Musical Style:
Rock, Metal, Funk, Alternative
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