Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup for Guitar

The Roland GK-3 pickup is your key to the world of MIDI guitar synths! 30% thinner than the previous version, it's a cinch to install on nearly any guitar.

The Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup for Guitar is a sweet mod that turns your steel-string 6-string into a MIDI controller. With the GK-3, you can transform nearly any axe into a synth controller to operate practically any synthesizer or MIDI-enabled device while offering you the ability to mix synth audio streams with your guitar's clean signal.

Non-Destructive Mounting

The GK-3 comes with a mounting kit which offers all the tools required to mount the pickup and controller directly to the body of any guitar -- no screws required -- without damaging your instrument. It's 30% thinner than the previous version, too.

Power of Six: Capture Each Guitar String Separately

The GK-3 is a divided, or hexaphonic pickup. This essentially means each guitar string has its own pickup, and the signal for each string is sent independently. This allows for unique pickup configurations which simply aren't available using conventional, or monophonic guitar pickups. Strum guitar chords on the upper four strings while triggering a bass synth using the lower two strings. Or control a synth sitar effect using the high strings while controlling an arpeggiated drum loop using the low E string. The possibilities are endless with the Gk-3's hexaphonic pickup and the power of six.

Compatible with Roland GK Devices

Roland GK-pickup-enabled guitars are designed to work seamlessly with a number of GK-compatible devices. Connect your newly GK-enabled guitar with a Boss GP-10, and you'll have read more a powerful multi-track audio interface which integrates with your DAW or recording environment for convenient re-amping. Or connect a Roland GR-55 to unleash true, raw synthesizer power on any GK-enabled electric guitar. Your guitar is now ready to rock with any Roland device with a 13-pin GK input.


- Hexaphonic synth pickup for guitar with mounting kit
- Controls include GK volume knob, patch up button, patch down button, and GK/guitar/mix selector switch
- Mounts easily and non-destructively on any steel-stringed electric guitar
- Adjustable pickup cable length
- New adjustable curvature lets you adjust the curvature of the pickup to match the guitar strings for improved string tracking
- Includes attachment plate for Les Paul-type guitars
- 1/4-inch TS jack for normal guitar plug
- 13-pin GK cable jack
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- GK Volume
- DOWN/S1 Switch
- UP/S2 Switch
- Select Switch

Indicator: Power Indicator

- GK Connector
- Normal Pickup Input Jack

Accessories: Normal Guitar Cable, Owner's Manual

- GK Cable: GKC-3 (3 m), GKC-5 (5 m), GKC-10 (10 m)Unit Selector: US-20GK Parallel Box: GKP-4
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 0.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 2 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): GK-3

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup for Guitar

The GK-3 Divided Pickup attaches to any steel-stringed electric -- no drilling necessary -- and delivers accurate performance data to guitar synthesizers such as Roland's popular GR-20, GR-55, or any other device that supports the GK-3's connection. The GK-3's slim-line design enables ideal placement on the guitar.

The GK-3 allows you to send individual signals from each guitar string to GK compatible devices. It is carefully designed for guitar performance by having a big and smooth GK knob, and a Select Switch to change from synth, to normal guitar tone, or both of them mixed.


- Various attachment accessories included: double-sided tapes, holder to secure the controller unit, and special attachment plate for installing the pickup unit to Les Paul-type guitars
- Adjustable pickup cable length
- 1/4" phone jack for normal guitar input
- Adjustable Curve Design: Adjust the curvature of the pickup unit to the curvature of the guitar strings

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (64 ratings)
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"Really good buy"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I'll be using this for a long time. I'd replace it if it was lost or broken. Really useful if you make a lot of backtracks and just recording in general. It's also pretty sick in a live performance when you suddenly turn on a synth and everyone in the audience is all "wtf that sound is coming from his guitar?!"

I use this with a Roland VGA-7 Amplifier with built in COSM guitar modelling. The range of tones is excellent - if you do a lot of recordings and don't have the money for 10 different guitars, this pickup works great. Some of the synth sounds are pretty sweet, others are a little lacking. You won't always get an incredible tone, but once you get used to the settings you get a huge variety of sounds.

Depends on what you use it with. I haven't used the GR20 or any of the outboard synths, just the one built-in to my VGA-7. It has all the basic synths and guitar modelling, with tones of options for pickup type, etc. as well as a digital capo (+ or - up to 12 frets) and programable altered tunings (which is one of the coolest things ever). I'm totally satisfied with the range of sounds out of the VGA-7, and I'm sure the GR20 is the same, but probably with more options than I get from my amp.

Ease of Use
Takes a while to explore the different patches you can make (which is just a testament to how many different tones there are) but other than that it's really straight read more forward to use and install. Has buttons on the side to switch patches/pickups etc and a switch to change between the GK, the guitar's regular pickups, or both mixed together.

In general, Roland makes sturdy stuff. The cable is kind of sensitive though, you need to wrap it around your guitar strap so it doesn't get pulled/damaged.

Having hundreds of guitar and synth sounds in one system for 200 bucks? Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Although keep in mind, it doesn't come with the Midi cable, which costs $50 (if you're buying the GR20, that does come with the cable).

Manufacturer Support
Never had any problems. Roland stuff always works.

The Wow Factor
I love how Zzounds asks you about sex appeal. I don't know about 'sexy', but it's still pretty cool.

Musical Background:
Live gigs and recording

Musical Style:
Progressive, Rock, Jazz, Blues
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