Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 DJ Controller

Large motorized jog wheels, on-jog displays, seamless Serato control -- Pioneer DJ's DDJ-REV7 is the two-channel DJ controller you've been dreaming of.

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller for Serato DJ

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Pioneer's 2nd-gen DDJ-SX controller ups the ante with dedicated buttons for Serato Flip, updated 5.2" jog wheels, a low-noise mic input and multi-color pads.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 USB DJ Controller for Serato DJ is the perfect DJ controller for anyone looking to spin with Serato DJ software. Featuring a hardware layout specifically designed for integration with Serato, the DDJ-SX2 is all you need to unlock the full potential of Serato DJ software.

16 Multi-Color Peformance Pads

The DDJ-SX2 is packed with tons of professional features which can instantly turn your Mac or PC into a professional DJ powerhouse. Manipulate your sound with onboard effects powered by iZotope. Remix songs with hot cues and samples on eight large, velocity-sensitive performance pads per deck -- now with the multi-color functions introduced on the DDJ-SZ. Launch the slicer function and the DDJ-SX2 will automatically chop a sample into eight distinct slices, allowing you to re-arrange them on the fly via the performance pads.

Pioneer's Large 5.2" Jog Wheels for Scratching

With the DDJ-SX2's 5.2" jog wheels, you can mix and scratch more precisely than ever. Pioneer has improved the output reaction time, cutting down on latency and making these decks truly scratch-worthy. You'll also see the "Hot Cue Countdown" on the DDJ-SX2's Jog Display, showing you the time remaining to a Hot Cue point, so you can land there faster.

Amplified Mic Input Improved from the First-Gen DDJ-SX

Pioneer listened to DJs' feedback regarding the microphone input on the popular DDJ-SX controller. The result? A balanced XLR-1/4" input that's upgraded with higher headroom read more and lower noise, to provide clear audio with no distortion, no matter what mic you plug in.

Use With Analog Turntables or as a Mixer

Got a classic turntable or a CDJ system you can't live without? After you upgrade to Serato DVS, you can connect them to your DDJ-SX2 with audio cables, and rock the house! Your DDJ-SX2 also acts as a standalone mixer, and with a 3-band EQ and filter across each deck, it offers a ton of mixing flexibility! Toggle dual deck mode and you can pair any two decks together, allowing you to apply effects and manipulate the audio as if the two decks were one.

Optimized for Serato Flip

With the DDJ-SX2 in your arsenal, you can create killer loop sequences via Serato's Flip function. Under each deck's tempo fader, you'll find record, start, and slot buttons for Flip. Simply hit record, then enter your sequence of hot cues, hit start to play it back, and slot to store it for later.

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- Four-deck DJ controller with 4-channel mixer
- Independent EQ and high-pass/low-pass filters for each channel
- Layout specifically designed for use with the included Serato DJ software
- Eight multi-color rubber velocity-sensitive pads on each deck for controlling hot cues, rolls, slices, and samples
- Serato Flip function to record and play back hot cue sequences
- Needle Search ribbon strips for intuitively seeking through a track
- Adjustable crossfader shape to distinguish your sound
- Can be used as a standalone mixer for use with turntables, etc.
- High-quality effects developed by iZotope
- Two RCA CD inputs, two RCA line/phone inputs, one XLR-1/4" microphone input, one 1/4" microphone input
- One RCA master out, one XLR master out, one 1/4" booth out, one 1/4" headphone monitor out, and one 1/8" mini-plug headphone monitor out
- Built-in sound card
- USB port -- USB cable included
- Aluminum top plate with black finish
- Power supply included
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- Software: Serato DJ
- Number of Channels: 4 audio channels, 2 mic channels
- Input Terminals: CD x2 (RCA), LINE/PHONO x 2 (RCA), MIC x 2 (XLR & 1/4 inch combined PHONE x 1, 1/4 inch PHONE x 1)
- Output Terminals: MASTER OUT x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1), BOOTH OUT x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2 (front panel 1/4 inch PHONE, 3.5mm MiniPin)
- Other Terminals: USB B port x 1
- Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
- Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio: 0.003% or less
- S/N Ratio: 107 dB or above (PC)
- AC Adapter: AC 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, DC 5V, 3A
- External Dimensions: 26.14" (W) x 13.91" (D) x 2.77" (H)
- Unit Weight: 12.79 lbs

Channels: 4
Deck Control: 4 / Dual
Jog Wheel: 5.2" (132.5 mm) durable aluminium jog wheel (center illumination)
Filter: High & Low Pass filter
Effects: FX engine Powered by iZotope, 10 effects
FX ParametersL 4 knob x 4 button
Sampler: 6 slot x 4 bank
Hot Cues: 8
Manual Loop: Yes
Autoloop: Yes
Slip Mode: Yes
Needle Search: Yes
Native Serato Flip: Yes
Talkover Function: Yes
EQ Isolator: Yes

Serato DJ System Requirements for Mac:
-- Mac OS X v10.9.4/10.8.5/10.7.5
- 32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 2GB
- 64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 4GB
- 32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo / (Memory) 2GB
- 64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo / (Memory) 4GB

Serato DJ System Requirements for Windows:
- Windows 8.1/Windows 7
- 32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo /(Memory) 2GB
- 64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 4GB
- 32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo / (Memory) 2GB
- 64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo / (Memory) 4GB
- Display Resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher resolution

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-421-1404

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is the industry's first controller to give DJs dedicated control of the Serato Flip functions within Serato DJ. Serato Flip is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that gives DJs the power to record and replay hot cue sequences on the fly. The DDJ-SX2 is the only controller with designated buttons -- Record, Start, and Slot -- to put intuitive Serato Flip performances at their fingertips. The four-channel DDJ-SX2 builds on the popularity of its predecessor, but inherits two must-have features from the top-flight DDJ-SZ: Performance Pads with velocity sensitive, multi-colored LEDs and on-jog digital cue point markers. The DDJ-SX2 is also Serato DJ DVS upgrade ready and boasts improved jog wheel reaction time.

Serato Flip is a function in Serato DJ that lets DJs record hot cue combinations and replay them on a loop. DJs can record themselves triggering cues using the Performance Pads and automatically loop the sequence back on demand. Up to six recordings (slots) of Hot Cue sequences can be made for playback at a later time. Pioneer added Record (start/stop recording), Start (start/stop loop), and Slot (store) buttons to quickly access the Serato Flip operation.

Control Layout

The DDJ-SX2 provides the same functional layout of its predecessor with quick access to a multitude of Serato DJ features. The layout of the buttons, knobs, sliders and Performance Pads deliver the best DJ controller experience designed to match the applicable software functions perfectly.

Expanded Functionality

The DDJ-SX2 features four external inputs for connection with CD players, analog turntables, microphones and more, with the ability to act as a stand-alone mixer (without the need to connect to a PC/MAC). The controller includes two Master Out and one Booth Out outputs for connection to external public address (PA) equipment. The DDJ-SX2 also features support for the Serato DJ DVS function. Users will have the ability to purchase Serato's DVS Expansion Pack and perform Serato DJ deck control on the DDJ-SX2 with Pioneer CDJ players or analog turntables.


- High Quality Audio - A low-jitter clock and high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provide accurate and clear audio playback
- Slip Mode - While activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a performance loop, scratch or hot cue and resumes audible playback when the loop, scratch, or hot cue operation is ended, creating smoother and more seamless transitions
- Aluminum Finish - The DDJ-SX2 sports an aluminum top panel and a brushed aluminum finish on the JOG wheels for optimal look and feel
- Multiple Connection Options - The DDJ-SX2 offers dual CD and phono/line inputs for external devices as well as two microphone inputs, two Master Outputs (XLR and RCA) and a Booth Out terminal
- Built-in Sound Card (audio interface)
- Needle Search - Users can immediately jump to a specific part of a music track with a simple touch of the Needle Search pad
- Adjustable Cross-Fader Curve - Suits any type of mixing style
- Channel Fader Start - Enables use of the channel fader to control and play/cue tracks.
- Assignable Settings - Pioneer offers a TSI file for use with the Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO2 software
- Multi-colored Performance Pads - Introduced in the top-of-the-line DDJ-SZ, the DDJ-SX2 now incorporates the highly attractive and functional multi-colored Performance Pads that control eight types of Serato DJ functions. The various illumination colors provide quick identification of the different actions/commands such as beats and drum rolls. The eight pads located below the Jog wheel offer HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER and SAMPLER functionalities. While in velocity SAMPLER mode, the output level from the pad can vary depending on the strength of each tap from the user.
- Amplified MIC Input - Improved from the first generation, the controller features a balanced microphone (MIC) input circuit to provide clear audio output with no distortion regardless of the type or brand of microphone used. The controller can deliver clear audio even at high volume levels because of increased headroom and highly improved signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio.
- High Accuracy Jog Wheel - The output reaction time of the JOG wheels is significantly improved, further cutting down on latency, ensuring tasks such as "scratch" performances are at their highest levels. The model also features "Hot Cue Countdown" providing users, via its JOG Display, with the time remaining to a Hot Cue point, helpful in quickly arriving to a specified position in the music playing.
- 4-Channel Mixer - The DDJ-SX2 features an independent 4-channel mixer that can be used with other external sources such as turntables. Its master level meter provides instantaneous sound level adjustment as well as independent output controls with a display indicator for each channel when used as a standalone mixer.

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The DDJ-SX2 is a beast! Plus a major upgrade from the original DDJ-SX! - Jogwheels are a nice size & perfect for scratching. - Soundcard packs a serious punch as usual with Pioneer DJ products. - Crossfader & up fades are smooth. - The mic sounds 10x better and clean vocals - You have all 3 kinds of outputs (RCA, 1/4 Inch, XLR) - 4 Channel Mixer - Powerful & colorful performance pads - Needle search - Huge, but lightweight and doesn't look like a toy And so many other features you'll love! My last controller for a long while!

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