On-Stage WS7500 Wood Workstation

Build your studio around this wood-topped workstation! Built for comfort and efficiency, the WS7500 desk fits your computer, controllers, monitors and more.


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On-Stage WS8700 Total Pro Workstation

No longer available at zZounds
Need a desk for audio production? This steel desk lets you place each platform individually, so you can set up your computer and gear however you want.

The On-Stage WS8700 Total Pro Workstation is a rock-solid all-steel workstation desk that makes maximal use of space with its compact footprint. The whole unit is grounded off a solid Z-shape frame with a height-adjustable full-size keyboard stand and computer shelf. Above this, you'll find a perfectly weight-balanced crossbar with discrete stands that comfortably hold 4 powered speakers, computer monitors, instruments, effects pedals -- pretty much anything you can think of. All in all, the On-Stage WS8700 Total Pro Workstation happily holds nearly 200 pounds of whatever you want to put on it! The structural tubing never exceeds 3 inches in width, and keeps the weight of the unit in its two long feet for maximum stability.

Independent Height Adjustments

A key advantage of the WS8700 is its fully adjustable stands. Each can be adjusted 8-14 inches above the keyboard stand level. This makes it perfect for home musicians who want to keep their monitors perfectly ear level, or slightly above, pointing down. The keyboard support itself can be raised from 27.5 inches off the ground to 38 inches.

Fits In Anywhere

As a home workstation setup the WS8700 offers a neutral and contemporary aesthetic to any environment. In a professional studio situation it offers its great versatility and durability. The black painted steel resists scratches and dents. At less than a hundred pounds, it is manageably transportable by two people.


- 1-inch x 2-inch Structural Tubing read more
- 198 pounds total weight capacity
- 88 pounds total weight capacity on 2nd tier
- 180 degrees Platform Swivel Range
- All-steel construction
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- Structural Tubing: 1" x 2"
- Weight Capacity: 198 lbs.
- Height Adj.: 27.5"-38"
- Width Adj.: 30"-37"
- Weight Capacity, 2nd tier: 88 lbs.
- Height Adj, 2nd tier: 8"-14" above stand
- Platform Height Adj.: 4"-18"
- Platform Swivel Range: 180 degrees
- Construction: All-steel

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-289-8889

On-Stage WS8700 Total Pro Workstation

This rugged computer workstation is designed with everything you need for home recording and studio project work. The WS8700 is constructed from heavy-duty steel to support all of your keyboard/computer gear. The Z-frame allows for independent height and width adjustments, while all 4 platforms elevate and swivel to suit any user's needs.

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Submitted October 2, 2015 by William Blanchard in Phoenix, NY

"Outstanding quality"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Once again On-Stage Stands shines with another product. This workstation is ROCK solid. I've seen weightlifting benches that don't come close to the durability that this workstation has. It ships in 3 separate boxes which are packed quite well and not hard to carry individually. I know that as a male, instructions are usually not important. Not in this case. Read them a few times before attempting to put this product together. Although the instructions are a bit vague in a few spots they are still very useful. Be sure to have parts A, B and C all facing the right way before you tighten down the first 4 bolts or you will have to take it all apart again. It's a good idea to keep one of the shipping boxes with the image of the finished product in front of you to make assembly a bit easier.

Not really a sound product but I do like the height adjustment for the monitor stands to get my powered JBL 8" monitors exactly where I want them for that sweet spot.

Fully adjustable monitor stands are pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they even packed a bag of rack screws and a nice quality metric wrench as well.

Ease of Use
Fairly easy to assemble and super easy to adjust and get things exactly where you want them once it's all together.

Fantastic quality. I could probably double this item as a piece of workout equipment for read more doing 'dips' on.

I think for the money it's a great product. When it comes to music equipment you most definitely get what you pay for. This was worth every penny for me. I will be able sit on a stool and record now rather than stand the entire time. I am sure my back and feet will thank me for that.

Manufacturer Support
I've never had a problem with On-Stage Stands so I've never had to deal with Manufacturer Support.

The Wow Factor
Sleek looking piece of gear. The rack below is very nice feature as well as the CPU stand. The biggest WOW for me was how quickly Zzounds had this thing shipped to my door. It arrived in only two days!!! I think my wife is becoming jealous of my love for Zzounds. :-)

Musical Background:
Professional Musician (specializing in keyboards)

Musical Style:
Movie/Game Soundtrack Scoring, Rock, Pop
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