Morley Line Level Shifter

No longer available at zZounds
Match gain levels between sources, eliminate hum, and convert between balanced and unbalanced connections with the USA-built Morley Line Level Shifter.

The Line Level Shifter's primary function is to increase or decrease signal voltage back and forth between -10dBu and +4dBV (depending on which way you route through it). The Line Level Shifter also breaks loop antenna that causes ground hum and buzz, as well as converting back and forth between balanced and unbalanced connections AND preventing the cable to act as an antenna for noise. Simply place a channel of the Line Level Shifter on the cable connections between the two mismatching pieces of equipment.

The Line Level Shifter will not affect the quality of the audio, it will improve it. It uses 1/4" smart jacks that accept any combination of unbalanced (TS) or unbalanced (TRS) plugs. These are passive devices (no power required), in cold rolled steel housings, hand-soldered circuit boards and top-quality components and hardware. All Morley products are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.


- 1/4" Smart Jacks and XLR Jacks
- Jacks Can Be Used in Any Combination
- Dimensions: 4.75" (L) / 3.25" (W) / 1.75" (H)
- Converts Signal Voltage Back and Forth Between -10dBu and +4dBV
- Custom Morley Step Up/Down Isolation Transformers
- Prevents Ground Loops That Cause Hum and Buzz
- Convert Back and Forth Between Unbalanced and Balanced Connector Types
- Simply Insert on Audio Connections Between Offending Pieces of Gear
- Not Intended for Use on Mic Level, Instrument or Powered Speaker Lines

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No longer available at zZounds

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