MeldaProduction MVocoder Plug-in Software

Bring your tracks to life with MVocoder, a powerful audio manipulation plug-in that can do anything from classic vocal synthesis to ambient soundscapes.

Robotic voices, singing synthesizers, morphing between multiple audio materials. That's MVocoder, a vocoder with ultimate audio quality and extensive range of features as usual.

As versatile as it can be:
MVocoder is a true analogue-filter-based vocoder, which supports up to 100 bands, up to order-10 filters, a carrier / modulator band matrix, band distribution and resonance graphs, morphing and other special vocoding modes and much more. It is optimized to be easy to use, but incredibly versatile for those who want to be really creative.

Multichannel vocoding:
Instead of having an integrated synth, MVocoder uses an external side-chain, so you can feed in any source and let the plugin do its magic. And of course, you can have up to 8 surround channels.

Modulation heaven:
Looking for a little extra variation in your sound? Look no further than the extensive modulation options. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomize, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.


- Advanced GUI
- Unique visualization engine with classic meters and time graphs
- Adjustable oscillator shape technology
- Multiparameter
- M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround and up to 64 channels ambisonics processing...
- Smart randomization
- Automatic gain compensation (AGC)
- M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround and up to 64 channels ambisonics processing...
- Adjustable up-sampling 1x-1024x
- Safety read more limiter
- Smart randomization
- MIDI controllers with MIDI learn
- Global preset management and online preset exchange
- Compare multiple settings
- No dongle nor internet access is required for activation
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