MAudio Omni I/O Preamp/Mixer

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Low/high impedance inputs. 2 headphone outputs.

A Unique and Powerful Songwriting/Production Tool
The Omni I/O is a record/playback "front end" that interfaces with the Delta 44, Delta 66, and USB Audiosport Quattro digital audio interfaces. The Omni creates a system capable of adapting to many studio scenarios and providing multiple solutions, all within one desktop environment. More than simply adding mic preamps to an audio interface, the Omni I/O emulates a "split console" mixer design, making possible virtually any routing scenario. The unit contains everything needed to record mics, guitars, and keyboards, as well as monitor playback, listen on headphones, add effects, and mixdown.

Streamline the Recording Process
The Omni/Delta system resolves some of the most common problems and inconveniences with computer-based recording. In addition to eliminating the need to reconfigure between record and playback, the Omni I/O integrates seamlessly with all of today's music production tools, streamlining the typical desktop studio.

USB, Anyone
Just plug the Omni I/O into the USB Audiosport Quattro and you're ready to go. The Quattro gives you the same audio quality you would expect from any Delta audio card, but over USB, which means no PCI card installation and plug and play convenience.

2 Mic/Inst and 2 line level balanced/unbalanced analog inputs to the Delta 44 or Delta 66 soundcard

2 Mic/Inst inputs equipped with XLR phantom power, insert I/O jacks, individual gain controls, gain reduction "pad" switch, and signal/clip read more indicator LEDs

Low impedance mic inputs provide 66dB of gain and utilize M Audio's critically acclaimed DMP2 pre-amp technology. They are switchable to hi-impedance instrument inputs with 46dB of gain, ideal for electric/acoustic guitars

The Omni Mic/Inst pre-amp has a frequency response of 10Hz to 200kHz, low THD of .0009%, with a dynamic range of 130dB

Stereo effect return

Mixing Section (all balanced/unbalanced on TRS jacks)

4 Delta outputs can simultaneously be used as independent balanced/unbalanced direct outs for use as additional effects sends, alternate mix output, or feeds to a secondary mixer

4 stereo aux inputs for MIDI devices

Stereo Aux inputs 1 and 2 can be muted in the mixer and re-routed to the Delta line inputs for easy audio recording of MIDI instruments or other auxiliary inputs

Mix out for recording to a mix deck

Control room outs with independent level control for monitoring

2 headphone outputs with individual level controls

1 mono effect send per channel

L/R output signal/clip LEDs
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5765

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (13 ratings)
Submitted October 9, 2003 by a customer from
"Great for tracking."
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
This will do me for some time to come.
Sounds great for what it is. Low noise, very good little pre-amps in it. Used a few pre-amp/channel strips with it but didn't improve the sound. Hmmm, much for an Amek channel strip? I track stuff for medium price recordings and haven't had any mixers complain about the sound quality yet.
Features most things you could need except decent software. It would have been nice if the included a basic multitracker (logic etc). Everything else is there, phantom, inserts etc. I don't use my rig for mixing so haven't tried all the features.
Compared to M-box this unit has great quality. I'd compare the pre-amp quality and sound quality to that of a goodish mixing desk (not amek, neve etc) I use Cubase SX and get great sounds to 'tape'.
It's original Retail price wasn't real value but it's dropped a bit so that makes it a good buy. It'd be nice to have some DSP power in the card but...
Manufacturer Support
Haven't used the support so until I do I'll assume they like me and will do the right thing by me. Easy to get the latest drivers and stuff...
The Wow Factor
It's all good. Just be prepared to get a good software package and some creamware cards if you want to do your own mixing.
Musical Style:
You name it and I'll fake it (or actually play it well)
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