Mackie Control Universal Pro 8-Channel Master Controller with USB

Compatible with every major DAW and video software out there, Mackie's MCU 8-channel controller puts touch-sensitive 100 mm faders at your fingertips.

They call it "Universal" for a reason: the Mackie Control Universal Pro might just be the most widely compatible DAW controller on the planet. Plug in a USB cable, and you've got a control surface that works with every major digital audio workstation software package -- Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Reason, Digital Performer, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar -- plus several not-so-major DAWs. Software makers love the MCU Pro for its sophisticated Mackie Control communications protocol, which offers nearly ten times the precision of ordinary MIDI mapping. And the MCU Pro now has smoother, quieter 100 mm motorized faders, along with the easy-to-read 55-character display and comfortable jog wheel. With a much more professional look than those little MIDI-mapping keyboards, the expandable Mackie Control Universal Pro is a serious control surface -- no matter which DAW you choose to build your studio around.

Check out our exclusive demo of the Mackie Control Universal Pro 8-Channel Master Controller:

History: From HUI to Mackie Control

Mackie is no newcomer to DAW control surfaces. It was Mackie that developed the first HUI (Human User Interface) protocol way back in 1997, when many recording studios were just starting to "go digital." As DAWs proliferated in pro studios, the industry responded with giant software-specific control surfaces (with fat price tags to match). Meanwhile, Mackie introduced the Mackie Control protocol to provide deep two-way read more communication with many DAW platforms and non-linear editors -- even on control surfaces within the means of smaller studios. Most mapping protocols use MIDI messages to control your DAW's virtual mixer, but while MIDI parameters only have values from 0 to 127, Mackie Control works with values from 0 to 1,023 -- far better resolution for finer adjustments. Mackie Control has been around for a decade now, and judging by how it's been embraced by users and hardware/software companies alike, it's here to stay. When you turn on your MCU Pro for the first time, it will prompt you to choose Mackie Control, HUI, or Logic Control -- whichever mode suits your DAW best.

Easy-To-Use Tactile Control with Visual Confirmation

The MCU isn't only notable for its industry-standard mapping protocol. As a Mackie product, it's known for its robust build quality and easy-to-use layout. There's a large, seven-segment display for timecode or bars/beats/ticks, and two-line, 55-character backlit LCD that displays track names, meters, I/O assignments, plug-ins -- whatever your software tells the MCU Pro to display -- so you can tweak knobs and faders without having to check your computer screen to see what you're tweaking. You get dedicated transport controls, zoom buttons, and a fat jog/shuttle wheel that's tall enough to grip on its sides or spin with a finger on top. The MCU Pro's nine touch-sensitive Alps motorized faders use a belt with teeth and gears instead of the thin string found on lesser-quality units, for a faster, smoother response. And above the 100 mm faders, each channel strip has illuminated Select, Mute, Solo and Record buttons, illuminated "pushable" rotary encoders, and LEDs that light up when audio or MIDI signal is present.

Lexan Overlays: Label Your MCU Pro for Your DAW

Your MCU Pro ships with a collection of Lexan overlays: thin sheets that fit over your MCU Pro's master section to label your controls with DAW-specific nomenclature. Choose an overlay for Pro Tools, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, or Cakewalk Sonar. The overlays stick on with a light adhesive that leaves no residue, so you can re-stick them again and again for switching between programs. Mackie's parts department stocks overlays for several more supported platforms, and Apple Logic needs no overlay -- its functions are already silk-screened on the face of the MCU Pro. In fact, if you're a video editor, the MCU Pro even works with Apple's Final Cut Pro! Now, it's easy to see which buttons, faders, and knobs control parameters in your application of choice -- as if the MCU Pro was made just for you.

Add More Faders with Optional Extender Units

True, the MCU Pro lets you bank between all the channels in your session. But now that you're mixing on real faders, you might just want more to play with. Luckily, it's easy to extend your control surface by eight more faders with the optional Mackie Control Extender Pro and a pair of short MIDI cables. Beyond its USB port, your MCU Pro has three pairs of standard 5-pin MIDI I/O jacks in the back, so you can connect other MIDI gear you may have kicking around -- even an external MIDI interface, and an unlimited number of Mackie Control Extender Pro units. As for the main MCU Pro itself, it connects to your computer with a single USB cable -- and the MCU Pro is class-compliant MIDI device, so you won't need to install any drivers. There are even two ports for plugging in a "momentary" (unlatching) footswitch to access functions like play/stop, arming tracks, or punch in/out -- whatever your DAW lets you configure.


- Professional control surface for use with all major DAWs -- and some minor ones
- Robust Mackie Control communication protocol, plus Logic Control and HUI modes
- Generous 55-character LCD and large display for timecode or bars/beats/ticks
- 8 touch-sensitive motorized 100 mm Alps faders
- 8 illuminated "V-Pot" rotary encoders
- Transport buttons, navigation buttons, and large jog/shuttle wheel
- Dedicated and assignable buttons that map to your software's specific functions
- Includes Lexan overlays for specific DAW software

The distinction between consumer and professional products is difficult to pin down these days. As the joke goes, "if it says 'professional' on the box, it probably isn't." However, the Mackie Control Universal Pro is no joke. Granted, if you're the only person who ever sees your own recording setup, one of those plastic MIDI-mapping keyboards with a few short "sliders" slapped on the front panel might do just fine. But Mackie thinks you (and the clients and artists that get to see your setup) just might prefer a touch-sensitive control surface that's fit for a real studio. With robust faders, serious expandability, and across-the-board DAW compatibility, the MCU Pro is exactly what its name implies.
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Dimensions: 4.4 x 16.5 x 16.9"
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
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Shipping Weight: 23 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 2034306-00

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-898-3211

Mackie Control Universal Pro

Communication is the basis for any great relationship. That's what makes Mackie Control Pro Series controllers the perfect match for your music production software. Thanks to their unique proprietary communication protocol, Mackie Control Pro Series controllers know just how to sweet-talk your software, and your software knows just how to respond. You get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback, and setup is plug and play -- no MIDI mapping head games!

Mackie Control Pro Series controllers make it easy to grow the relationship, too. The Universal Pro control surface, Extender Pro control surface extension and C4 Pro plug-in and virtual instrument controller all seamlessly integrate, so you can put control of all your software parameters right at your fingertips.

Simply put, Mackie Control Pro Series controllers give your music production software what it needs to feel complete.


- Expandable touch-sensitive control surface with 100mm motorized faders
- Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless music production software integration
- 100mm touch-sensitive optical Alps motorized faders
- V-Pot control over software, plug-in effects and virtual instruments
- More than 50 dedicated push-buttons for fine control of software parameters
- Tape-style transport controls
- Full meter display with track names and parameters
- Quick cursor-style buttons for up, down, left, right and zoom
- Onboard USB MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac or PC and up to 3 additional pieces of external MIDI gear
- Software-specific Lexan overlays included
- Expandable via optional Mackie Control Extender Pro and C4 Pro modules

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Submitted May 1, 2014 by Dave M

"Seamless, and effortless integration in my studio"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Bought the MCU-Pro for my home studio, to streamline my recording & mixing. I use Cubase 6.5 running on a Windows 7 laptop. Unpacked the controller and placed the included Cubase/Nuendo template on the front panel and in no time, and with NO hangups, had it up and running with Cubase. What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's made of metal, looks great, weighs a ton (a good thing), and has high-quality parts throughout. It might be a bit pricier than "other" controllers, but I consider this a high end, professional piece of equipment. I have owned it for almost two years and I've experienced absolutely NO issues with it whatsoever. Bottom line: you get what you pay for....and I have absolutely NO regrets in purchasing this

Musical Background:

Professional musician with home studio and 28 years of experience

Musical Style:

Pop, Rock, Metal, Ambient
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