Ludwig L94233LX Vistalite FAB Drum Shell Kit, 3-Piece

No longer available at zZounds
Known for its stunning crystalline look, the Ludwig Vistalite FAB drum kit features dual-reinforced seams, fully-stabilized shells and a raw, punchy attack.

Notorious for its attack as for its stunning crystalline looks, the Ludwig L94233LX Vistalite FAB Drum Shell Kit will make a solid sonic and visual statement in live concert performance. Manufactured under strict guidelines to retain shell integrity, today's Vistalite delivers pure, round tone through a fully-stabilized shell and dual reinforced seams; without succumbing to the cracking that plagued the kits of yesterday. Vistalite drums feature the popular '70's vintage blue/olive badges


- 14x22 Bass Drum
- 16x16 Floor Tom
- 9x13 Tom Tom
- Reinforced Seam Molded Acrylic
- 45-degree inner bearing edge with slight outer bevel

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Phone: 800-348-7567

No longer available at zZounds

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