Casio PX310 Privia 88-Key Hammer-Action Keyboard

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202 Tones. 120 Rhythms. ZPI Tri Element Sound Source with a 88-Key Scaled Hammer Action.

The Privia is the revolutionary digital piano that makes it possible for just about anyone to experience the joys of playing the piano. Stylish, compact, and priced for affordability, the Privia provides authentic piano sound and feel in your room or just about anywhere else. The PX-310 also includes a Bass Reflex System which will allow you to reproduce low frequency sounds as well as a dedicated tweeter to produce the diverse range of added tones and accompaniments.

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard for authentic grand piano feel
Lower notes play relatively heavier than higher notes, just like the keys on a grand piano. Selectable touch sensitivity even lets you configure the keyboard for a light touch that makes it possible for your fingers to really fly when they need to.

Stereo-sampled Tri-element ZPI Sound Source
A Stereo-sampled Tri-element ZPI sound source includes seperate waveforms for strong key pressure, medium key pressure and light key pressure, which accentuates the differences between the sounds produced by each. Multiple stereo-samples are also taken of tones produced by an acoustic grand, from the low range to the high range. Notes remain natural sounding and realistic from the moment a key is pressed until the note decays, providing you with sound quality that is virtually identical to that of an acoustic grand piano. 32-note polyphony helps to ensure you never lose notes due to damper pedial operation.

High-quality, versatile tone, with layer and split
In addition read more to grand piano tones, the Privia also includes strings, pipe organ, and other tones. A Layer feature allows simultaneous play of two tones, and a Split feature lets you split the keyboard between two different tones.

ZPI Sound Source with tri-element

32-Note Polyphonic

202 Tones

120 Rhythms

MIDI In/Out Through

8 Digital Effects, Brillance, Pedal Effects and DSP

Layer and split

1 Song, 2-Track Song Memory

1/4 in. Stereo Inputs and Outputs

32 Registration Memory

Under 30 pounds
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Number of Keys: 88 hammer action

Polyphony: 32

Touch Sensitive

Preset Tones/User Tones: 202

Stereo Sampled Piano Tones

Rhythms: 120


Digital Effects/Reverbs: 8

Auto Accompaniment

Registration (set-ups): 32

Tunes: 3

Song Expansion

Song Controller: Yes (Play/Stop only)

Song Memory (tracks x songs): 2 x 1

Tuning and Transpose

Display: 3-Digit LED

MIDI/General MIDI: General MIDI

Headphones: 2

Pedals: 2

Line In: L/Mono, R

Line Out: L/Mono, R

MIDI In/Out/ Thru

Speakers: 12cm x 6cm x (oval) x 2, 5cm x 2

AC Adapter: AD-12 (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

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"Privia -> Casio breaks their keyboard mold, and thunders into the digital piano market."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Even though the sound quality may not be as "perfect" as a $2000-$3000 digital piano, for the price it is absolutely astounding. The digital piano feels just like a real piano and I'm very impressed with the difference in tones as you press the key harder or softer. The instruments take on a whole different dimension when you just add more pressure. The saxophone will take on a more full gurthy sound if pressed hard, and will be sweet and soft if pressed lightly. The 60's electric piano sound can be perfectly matched up with the sound that was used in Riders on the Storm by The Doors (very excited when I found this sound). All-in-all, for the price, you will not get a better digital piano experience. Casio, with this product will keep me coming back for more.

The sound quality is very good with this digital piano, beats anything in the price range. The sound on the grand piano for example has a different tone when you hit the keys hard to resemble the hard action of a piano, and when you play the keys softer, the sound and tone is soft and sweet. Even though the sound is still a little electronic when played through a $6000 Mackie system, after everything is equalized it sounds great.

It has more features than the average pianist will ever need. The limitation of features comes in when you're trying to get some synthesized effects out of it. Though it is a digital piano, not a synthesizer. read more I'm overall very pleased with the features that are offered on this digital piano, and it worked out very well in the studio recordings I did with it. The best feature is the realism of the "hammer-action" I believe. It feels exactly like my Yamaha piano that was purchased 10 years ago.

Ease of Use
The digital piano is very easy to use if you're not getting into too many complicated things. Many of the different settings the keyboard has involve using a function key and a corresponding key on the digital piano which is not labeled. The book that comes with the digital piano has a very clear listing of what each function is on the digital piano and is very easy to understand. If you know what you want, just get used to which key offers your desired outcome and you're all set. A little more user friendly would've been nice, but you can't complain about the price.

This digital piano has a wonderful feel and is very lightweight with an innovative slim yet sturdy design. The key action is very well engineered and feels great. Though the shell is made of plastic, it all seems very solid from my experience so far. I had a previous casio product made less solid out of plastic as well, and it fell down a flight of stairs. It still works perfectly fine, and I'm assuming the construction of this more expensive digital piano is only of higher quality.

This digital piano is, as I said earlier the best for the price. Casio has really done well with their Privia series rivaling Yamaha in quality in my opinion, but for basically half of the price.

Manufacturer Support
I haven't had to deal with the company regarding the Privia PX-310, but I have dealt with Casio regarding my past keyboard, and they were very helpful, very friendly, and quickly solved my problem.

The Wow Factor
The digital piano is very aesthetically pleasing as it has smooth lines, is very slim and compact while still offering a full 88-key keyboard with wonderfully weighted keys.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Acoustic Rock, Jazz, Swing
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