Akai MPD218 Drum Pad Controller

Trigger samples and tweak effects in your DAW with Akai's MPD218 USB MIDI pad controller. You get 18 knobs and 16 "Thick Fat" MPC pads for laying down beats.


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Akai MPD16 USB MIDI Pad Control Surface

No longer available at zZounds
Powered via computer USB or the optional AC adapter.

Expanding on the legacy of the legendary MPC series, Akai Professional introduces the MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad Control Surface. The MPD16 is a self-contained unit that connects via USB and/or MIDI to computers and sound engines such as the new Akai Z4 and Z8 samplers, which include drum program set-ups as well as the standard keyboard-assigned programming.

The functionality of the MPD16 is designed with simplicity in mind. The days of programming drum sequences via a keyboard are gone forever. 16 MPC-spec pressure-and-velocity sensitive drum pads generate Note-On velocity when tapped. In Full-Level mode, the MPD16 produces data with velocity value of 127, regardless of the velocity of the pad tapped and in 16-Level mode it allows you to generate the note velocity in 16 steps with 16 pads. The active pad (note number) is the last pad played just before the 16-Level key was pressed. The Bank key switches between banks 1 and 2 allowing access to 2 separate banks of sounds. The Active key enables the fader which outputs MIDI control changes. The various parameter settings, such as MIDI Note Assign, MIDI Channel, MIDI Control Change, etc. can be assigned from the computer via USB.

MPD16 set-up is facilitated with the MPD16 Utility and PC/MAC driver software CDROM. The MPD16 can be powered via computer USB or the optional AC adapter.

16 x 2 banks

Velocity sensitive MPC-style pads

Full level -- All pads to maximum output velocity (127)

16 Levels -- Each pad offers progressive level for the last selected/used pad

Bank -- Selects the pad bank

Active -- Enables the slider

Controls: Assignable slider

MIDI out


9V DC (95mA) - not required when used with USB equipped Z4/8

Dimensions: 264 (10.39 in.) W x 205 (8.07 in.) D x 40 (1.5 in.) H

Weight: 90g

Supplied Accessories
USB driver and editor software on CD-ROM

39.37 in. USB cable (1 meter)

PDF operator's manual

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-4032
Web: http://www.akaipro.com/support

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (100 ratings)
Submitted October 28, 2007 by a customer from yahoo.com

"Awesome MPC"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I think I want the padKontrol now. Don't let that put you off. I wouldn't give up this thing for the world. In fact, I don't know whether to sell it or not if I get the padKontrol (though I probably will because I am in college). It has everything you need to lay some fat beats down. This won't make you incredible at anything, it is just another instrument and some people will excel on this and others won't. I found it to be just what I needed to really expand my rhythmic abilities. Just wish it would stay still more.

There is no actual sound produced by this unit. The midi signal is a midi signal so I don't think there is much to be desired their.

For the money, this has all the features you need. An MPC like this is enough of a feature. It has cool things like 16 levels, full level, 2 banks, and a fader. I don't use the fader at all because I own a Frontier Designs Alpha Track, which is more than sufficient for my purposes. I barely ever use 16 levels or full level, which basically simplify the velocity of the midi signals it produces. I use this in conjunction with Battery 3 by Native Instruments and it is a match made in heaven. The only downside is that this provides no real controls to navigate Battery but it is such a complex program, a mouse is really all I can think to use. The only thing I want now, if it can compete with this unit's strong points, is the Korg padKontrol, simply read more because of the ability to change parameters through it and so I can have an X-Y coordinate plane for effects.

Ease of Use
It is really simple to use and the software that comes with it is perfect. There is nothing I could desire with this product as for ease of use besides if it had a stronger base. It is difficult on a smooth surface to really rock out with this thing and have it stay in one place. Besides that, all the features add to its ease of use and the software allows you to easily choose what notes each pad controls as well as pad sensitivities for each pad.

It is sturdy as heck. I think this could last forever. Again, with it grooving all over the table when I play it, I think it could suffer some falls and such but I was very surprised with its construction when I got it.

Given the current prices for such devices and how much fun and success I have had with this unit, this is fantastic value. I'm glad I got this one although I wish I had had the extra money to splurge and get the padKontrol.

Manufacturer Support
Never dealt with their support.

The Wow Factor
It isn't particularly attractive and it is really simple. I have owned this for a while for trying to do really good acoustic drum emulation for my band but once I saw RJD2 life ripping on his MPC production thingy, I fell back in love with this thing.

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Whatever I want
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