Akai EWIUSB USB Wind Controller

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Get life-like MIDI control of brass and woodwind sounds -- or any virtual instrument -- over USB! Includes Garritan Orchestra software to get you started.

If playing brass and woodwind sounds on a keyboard controller has never seemed right to you, maybe it's time to try your hand (and mouth) at the Akai EWIUSB. A USB-enabled MIDI controller that feels like a real wind instrument, the EWIUSB provides realistic feel and a variety of fingerings to satisfy musicians and composers alike. Its USB connection allows for easy connection to any computer, and included Garritan software lets you play quality sounds on demand -- brass, woodwinds, and more.

Controlled Expression

Like a true horn, Akai's EWIUSB lets you express yourself through touch and breath. Multiple fingering modes (sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI/brass) are familiar to any woodwind player, and once you learn your way around the instrument, you'll be performing on this MIDI wind controller just as you would on a saxophone or oboe or bassoon.

Sensors for Air Pressure and Touch

Get a grasp on the many sensors on the EWIUSB, as these sensors are what make your performance sound and feel so real. The mouthpiece has an air-pressure level sensor and bite sensor, while the body of the instrument has 13 note keys, multiple octave rollers for a 5-octave range, bend plates, and ground plates.

USB-Enabled for Easy MIDI Output

This EWI has a built-in USB interface, which teams up with the included EWIUSB software and a computer to generate a host of wind instrument sounds. Practice, perform, create, and record with over 75 different orchestral, concert band, read more jazz band, and synthesizer sound sets recorded and programmed by Garritan.

With the EWIUSB, you get a neck strap, cleaning cloth, USB cable, software DVD, quick start guide, and safety instructions. The mouthpiece is removable and dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning.

Get an overview of the Akai EWI USB Wind Controller:


- Electronic wind instrument controller
- Multiple fingering modes: sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI brass
- Expandable sound palette
- Removable, dishwasher-safe mouthpiece
- 1 MIDI Output channel over USB
- Plug-and-play USB connection to Mac or PC
- Includes custom Garritan Aria Player software with realistic wind instrument sounds

Bring your brass and woodwind patches to life -- or control any other virtual instrument you've got -- with the Akai EWIUSB USB wind controller!
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- Mouthpiece: air-pressure level sensor & bite sensor
- Note Keys: 13 touch sensors
- Octave Rollers: 2 mobile, 2 fixed touch sensors (5-octave range)
- Bend Plates: 2 touch sensors
- Ground Plates: 2 touch sensors

- Class-compliant, plug-and-play USB device
- MIDI Output Channels Over USB: 1
- Mac and PC compatible

For a MIDI Implementation Chart, please refer to the EWI USB Quickstart Manual under the "Docs & Downloads" tab.

- Dimensions: 23 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 2 3/4"
- Weight: 1.3 lbs
- Power: ~100mA, 5V via USB
- Terminals: 1 slave connector (MIDI over USB)

Minimum system requirements
- Mac: OSX
- PC: Windows XP or Vista
- USB port

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-4032
Web: http://www.akaipro.com/support

Akai EWIUSB USB Wind Controller

EWIUSB is an electronic wind instrument for musicians looking for an easy-to-play, easy-to-use controller. Akai Professional's decades of experience in wind and electronic music instruments are rolled into their most user friendly - and most affordable - EWI ever.


- Electronic wind instrument controller
- Easy to play, easy to use, and easy to own
- Powerful, flexible, and reliable
- Plug-and-play USB connection to Mac or PC
- Custom Garritan Aria Player software, contains wind instrument sounds
- Multiple fingering modes: sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI brass
- Expandable sound palette
- Removable, dishwasher-safe mouthpiece

Premium Pedigree

Akai Professional is the first name in electronic wind instruments. For over 20 years, Akai Professional has studied the art of playing saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and other traditional winds, and developed electronic wind instruments that enable wind players to enjoy the same expressive control as in an acoustic instrument. They designed EWIUSB to give wind players the expressive musical capabilities previously found only in much more expensive instruments.

Professional Performance

EWIs are the only choice for serious wind players looking to make music electronically. While EWIUSB is easy and fun to use, it's also powerful, flexible, and most importantly reliable enough for use on stage and in the studio by professional musicians.

Computer Control

EWIUSB is the most flexible EWI because it harnesses your computer to generate its sounds. Its USB interface means that all you need is nearly any Mac or PC and the included EWIUSB software, and you're ready to practice, perform, create, and record with a full collection of wind instrument sounds. Aria Player software was produced specifically for use with EWIUSB, providing wind players with an unprecedented level of expressive control.

Large Sound Palette

You get over 75 different orchestral, concert band, jazz band, and synthesizer sound sets expertly recorded and programmed by Garritan, renowned for its ultra-realistic instrument sound libraries.


EWIUSB offers multiple fingering modes including sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI (brass), so whether you're just starting out as a woodwind student or an old pro wind player, you'll find EWIUSB easy to play. EWIUSB is designed for you to spend your time playing music; not learning technology.

Surprising Affordability

Historically, electronic wind instruments have fallen into two different categories: high-end, professional instruments and toys. EWIUSB breaks the price barrier, bringing professional quality, expressive control, and a studio-ready sound library to a price the professional-wind-instrument world has never seen.

Discover the world of expression that only wind instruments can offer with EWIUSB.

Includes: EWIUSB wind instrument, Neck strap, Cleaning cloth, USB cable, Software DVD, Quick start guide, Safety instructions

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"Blows my mind to be blowing an EWI"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I want to learn to play the EWI, so I wont be satisfied until I do!!!!! It will never be lost, but if stolen I would probably buy another or start playing the harmonica!!!!

I have not used the instrument long enough to know how well it sound compared to other natural instruments. However, I have heard others play the EWI in bands and for personal use and they sounded great. I bought mine to learn how to play a wind instrument, at 67 I couldn't blow a natural instrument if I was the wind. The EWI is so easy to blow into and make a sound. Now all I need is to disipline my self to learn the mechanics of a note, which may be harder than blowing. It is a great instrument and I am proud to have it!!!!

The USB feature which allows me to use the instrument any where I go.

Ease of Use
see above comment

Akai has the best in sound equipment. I have used this brand for years and I am well satisfied with their products.

Zzounds has supplied mw with great quality products at the most reasonable pricing. Add in the 4 pay and it is a win win situation for the customer. I can't se me using any other music store to purchase high end equipment or standard musical instrumentation.

Manufacturer Support
Zzounds is always excellant with the support they give their customers!!!!! read more

The Wow Factor
I have wanted an EWI since they first came on the market. When they came out with the less expensive USB models I was ready to buy. Before the USB version they were way out of my price range at $600.00 and up, where the USB version is just over $250.00.

Musical Background:
Vocalist/ just started playing.Jam @home.

Musical Style:
All the above
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