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Reunion Blues RBX2E Double Electric Guitar Bag

Reunion Blues RBX2E Double Electric Guitar Bag

This double electric guitar case features a rugged and water-resistant exterior and RBX interior padding to safely transport two guitars from gig to gig.

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Submitted February 22, 2015 by Ben Sherman in Portland, OR
"Really high end gig bag"
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I put one star for sounds because its not an instrument and I don't know what manufacturer support is like so i just clicked in the middle. I bought this cause i saw a video of Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow using reunion blues gig bags, they were using a nicer one than this but the double guitar gig bag concept intrigued me. Then I also saw a video online of a single guitar RBX gig bag and it looked really nice and was supposed to be really light weight. So I ordered this and when i got it I was pretty pleased. It is really light, but when its all zipped up the outside is very stiff for a gig bag. Its not rigid and solid like a hard case but its like in between a regular gig bag and a hard case when it comes to its stiffness. On the inside it is very soft, has a silky feel to it. The padding around the outside, or border of the bag is thickest. I have two guitars in it all the time and it fits them very well, one is an esp ltd H-1007fr (kinda fender body style) 25.5" scale, and the other is an esp ltd EC-330fm STBSB (pretty much gibson body style, but not too thick) 24.75" scale and the both fit in very snug, there is no extra room at the top of the gig bag for the guitars to slide up and down in the gig bag. they are secure. the dividing section between the two guitars isnt nearly as thick as the border padding and is not rigid at all so I keep the guitar with the Tremolo system on top all the time, don't want a bunch of weight sitting on the floyd. There is also a pocket on the front of the gig bag, its big enough to fit cables in and some extra strings, tuner, and a few guitar tools if you want, or instead of those a laptop. Straps also feel really sturdy, I love this gig bag, I feel like my guitars are very well protected in there. And I love how light it is, not like big bulky and heavy hardcases. I highly recommend this gig bag.
Musical Background:
started playing guitar 10 years ago. Been in a few bands and projects, mostly a bedroom guitarist, amateur recording.
Musical Style:
Metal, Death Metal, black metal, speed metal, 80s hair metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal, burrito metal haha, no gay core
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Submitted October 9, 2017 by Megan S in San Francisco, CA
"Great lightweight option for the musician on the go"
Nice quality, lightweight option for slinging around two electric guitars from gig to gig. This case offers good protection from scratching and banging around, while also eliminating the hassle of carrying around two separate instruments. As with any soft case, I wouldn't check your instruments in this case on a plane, or burry them under a bunch of other guitars in a tour van, but it's a perfect option for a musician on the go who needs protection and mobility for their working guitars.
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