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Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 Drumhead

Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 Drumhead

Thanks to a thin lining on the outer edge of its underside, the Remo Powerstroke 3 drumhead has a balanced, controlled sound without obnoxious overtones.

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Submitted August 31, 2012 by Ken Kobesto in Rahway, NJ
"Power stroke 3"
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I have been using this head for years and is the only head I will put on my snare period! Everyone has there own opion on what sounds good or bad. Good for brass not wood. I'm a brass snare player so I like it loud, crisp, and snappy. I also have this on a popcorn snare which sounds great as well. Don't listen to people and there negative opinions. Drum sounds are always trial and era to your liking!!
Musical Background:
Drums, guitar, bass, vox. 30 years
Musical Style:
Rock and Roll, metal, etc
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Submitted September 11, 2008 by a customer from justinrobert.com
"do not put this on your snare!"
If you hate drums and want them to sound like total crap, buy this head. It is the most lifeless sounding peice of garbage you'll ever hear. I got one for my snare just to try it, and now my snare sounds like a cardboard box, yay. Seriously, I can't see any way anybody would like this. With the combination of the muffle ring and the dot in the middle, it kills every bit of tone and will turn the best sounding snare into a dead sounding thud.
It came in a box that sounds exactly like your snare will if you use this head
Ease of Use
When drums sound this bad, it actually makes them harder to play. Everytime I hit the snare with this thing on there I cringe. It put me in such a bad mood.
you could probably shoot this thing with a .45 and it would still work. Maybe it'll sound better too.
Manufacturer Support
Support? its a drum head.
The Wow Factor
I wan't my money back
Musical Background:
22 year pro
Musical Style:
all styles
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