Mesa/Boogie Subway TT-800 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

Welcome your tone to center stage! The Mesa/Boogie Subway Evolution bass amplifier delivers a blistering 800 watts of Class-D power and an all-tube preamp.


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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted March 28, 2023 by Matt G in San Francisco, CA

"TT800 is pretty much bad ass"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This Amp is pretty much perfect. One channel with a tube preamp, one channel with solid state preamp, both channels share a class D power Amp. At louder volumes the tube pre Amp Chanel get that growl you are looking for, the other channel remains crystal clear. There's a hi/low gain switch used to get the break up of sound when overdriving, and you can overdrive both channels, but that sounds best on the tube side of course. No, you can't blend the channels. I would have loved for it to be able to do so because I have a dual output Ric where each pick up has its own output. But it doesn't do that, it's made to have like 2 basses, maybe a fret less on the solid state that you wanna keep clean, and the it has an effects loop on each channel so you would put your chorus on the solid state channel with the fret less and overdrive on the tube side, etc. Or you can use it as having two different series of effects, and use a goorswitch switch to change channels (not included) so then you would only hit one foot switch and the whole series of pedals would go for each channel. I use it the first wayz with two bases ΕΊ one fret less one not. It would also be good if you had an acoustic with pick up a for the 2nd channel.Anyway, I think that's the idea. You could also plug a preamp into the effects loop to drive one channel with that instead of the Mesa preamp, so that way you'd have two distinct amps to go back and forth from.But the bottom lone is this is an awesome, high performance amp, up to 800 watts if 4 ohm. There's no venue this amp couldn't handle. It's expensive, but the only other step from here is a tube Amp like and ampeg SVT or an Orange, etc. which will cost you another $1000, so this is the best out there, im pretty sure, below that tube amp price point. In my opinion it has far better quality than Darkglass, even if it doesn't have the built in effects.

Musical Background:

30 years playing lead bass

Musical Style:

Rock, metal, punk
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