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Fishman Fluence Greg Koch Signature Gristle-Tone Pickup Set

Fishman Fluence Greg Koch Signature Gristle-Tone Pickup Set

Mod your T-style guitar with these pickups to unlock a variety of sounds. This set includes everything needed to install and start experimenting immediately!

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Submitted January 20, 2018 by Ernie Mudd in Phoenix, AZ
"New Age Tech Meets Classic Sounds"
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I've been on the fence about trying this set versus some of the other very good options available for a few months. Finally pulled the trigger and I'm very glad I did! The sound is all I'd hoped for, and then some. Classic old school warmth and twang, and then you hit the button and amp it up with more edge. Each of the 6 sound options is unique, complimentary and usable. 6 usable flavors that go together well. The other two things that jump out are the complete and total silence. It's almost unnerving at first if you're used to that steady single coil hum (even coming from Fender "Noiseless" pickups). You don't notice the hum until it's gone. The other thing is just how articulate these pickups are. Clean or dirty, every note rings through. If you're sloppy, these pickups will tell on you quick! Roll off the volume knob (which is silky smooth btw, as is the tone), no tonal changes at all. If you're one to push the presence on your amp, these kinda come with that sparkle, so you might be pulling that back out. If I had any knock on these it would be that the pickup wires could be a little longer. Another 1-2" would make installation so much easier. They are long enough, but a bit more would still be nice. The overall installation is pretty easy. The Tele set instructions specifically, could be a little better (some Tele specific issues aren't really addressed), but they're not bad. It took me a minute to figure out I wasn't soldering the pickups to the 3 way switch but to a mini board instead. Good design choice, but it's not obvious what the schematic is showing you at first. I could see someone screwing that up. Also, how to get the "thing" out of the jack hole that your standard Tele jack connects too isn't immediately obvious, and it does have to come out. Turns out it's really pretty easy, but I did have to do a little web search to figure it out (winging it isn't a good idea with a guitar you love after all). Overall, I'd say it's an excellent product and I'm very satisfied. The only things that could be improved are truly minor issues with the installation. If you take your time and think it through, it's dead simple. The sound is what truly matters and that's a real winner!
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No boundaries neccessary. Just play!
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Submitted June 24, 2018 by Bill P in Homeland, CA
"Love these pickups!"
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Great tone. Crisp Tele sound going clean or dirty. Through my Fender Twin or my Line 6 HD pro x the sound fills the room and cuts just right with my band. All three tone options very usable and the tone knob is real smooth.Tons of volume control too! The oddest thing about these pickups is that rolling off the volume doesn't affect the tone at all. But that's a feature not a bug and it might ruin me for any other Tele pickups later down the road. We'll see.Installing them wasn't too bad. They highly recommend professional installation but these are the third set of pickups I've gotten for my Tele so I went for it. Requires slightly finer soldering than normal pickups but was simpler and not any more difficult except that you don't get much extra length on the wires. That was a bit annoying. After a couple weeks, several practices and a couple gigs I can say that these are solid pickups. Classic tone, sits great with a band, excellent tone options and tons of volume headroom. I need to try these Fishman Fluence for my Strat cuz that axe is just not as enjoyable anymore.
2 of 2 people (100%) people found this review helpful. Did you?
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