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Fender Jim Root Stratocaster Electric Guitar (with Case)

Fender Jim Root Stratocaster Electric Guitar (with Case)

Crafted to the Slipknot guitarist's specs with a mahogany body and EMG 81 and EMG 60 humbuckers, the Jim Root Strat delivers thicker, sicker alt-metal tones.

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Submitted April 25, 2012 by Seth S in Henderson, NV
"Wicked Guitar that looks like sex."
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I admit it. For a long time I have had a large stigma against Stratocasters and Fender 6-strings in general. However, my favorite band's guitar players have been playing guitars off of the Fender lines for years. So I decided maybe there is something that I have been missing out on. I found out what it was with this guitar. I also decided that I needed to broaden my horizons as I own three Les Paul copies (EC1000s) and have been playing other Gibson scale models for years. What better way to diversify than trying on a Fender. Originally, looking at other models, I decided on this one because of the way it played in the guitar shop. I don't like Slipknot at all. AT ALL. But this guitar is super-nice, and suits my needs. This is my first American made guitar and now I see and feel what all the fuss is about. I could do without the EMG's, but it's something different, so for now I am cool with it. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I am humbly offering mine.
Because of the mahogany body and active pickups, it doesn't have that typical "Strat" sound. Through my overdriven Marshall rig it basically sounds metal, but compared with my EC1000's, is waaaaayy more articulate. I hardly ever play clean so the EMGs not being the best for clean tones is irrelevant. I play mainly rhythm guitar in a 90's style skate punk band and the guitar has plenty of punch to make my rhythm parts still have a presence (without being grating) against fast galloping drums, thundering bass, and a searing lead player.
One of the biggest appeals about this guitar for me was the bare bones set-up. Hard tail bridge, one volume knob, no usless tone knob, locking tuners = perfect for what I need. On a superficial level, I love the white/ivory finish with the white pickguard and I adore the large 70's porn style Fender headstock. To be honest, the large headstock was a requirement of me buying any Strat. For others, the lack of features might not be so hot.
Ease of Use
Again, the reason I bought this guitar was because of it being so straight-forward. The neck plays like a dream with the compound radius. However, it took me a while (and still working with it) to get used to the "F Spacing" since I am so accustomed to guitars with the Gibson spacing and scale. But in my opinion, this has only helped my articulation.
This guitar is solid. Everything feels tight and locked down. The frets aren't sharp and there are no crackling noises coming from the Volume knob. I have had this guitar for a month and already I can tell the difference between a solid American guitar and the budget guitars I have been playing. This guitar will grow old with me.
Sure, I could've probably spent a little less money and built myself a Partscaster. But this dame had I everything I was looking for in one package without me worrying about me playing amateur electrician. I played one of these at a guitar shop and I was sold then and there. ZZounds provided me with the opportunity to get my hands on a solid "upscale" guitar, where other retailers have turned me away. Thank you, ZZounds.
Manufacturer Support
Haven't dealt with Fender.
The Wow Factor
For those guitarists out there looking for a Strat with a little something different, I think this fits the bill. Especially if you are into the whole Charvel So Cal style Strat thing like I am. From the cool aesthetics to the no non-sense approach I believe it's a rhythm guitar player's dream. If this guitar were stolen, whoever stole it would be hunted down and miss their hands after I found them. If I were not able to find this individual or the guitar again, I would without out a doubt replace it.
Musical Background:
I have been playing guitar for over 15 years.
Musical Style:
Punk Rock.
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Submitted February 9, 2021 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Virginia is her name"
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Purchased this guitar in January 2021 was skeptical in the beginning. I never played one and I wasn’t really a big fan of slipknot even though there a great band! Hardcore metal and melodic metal is more of what I like to write✍
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Submitted October 8, 2014 by Jim C in Hampton bays, NY
"Very unique for a strat."
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The only thing strat-like on this guitar is the shape. And that's not a bad thing. Its almost as thick as a tele with a hard tail and string through body as well. As with a LP it uses Mahogany for the tone wood. All of the above plus a set of EMG81/60 pickups completes this Strat/Tele/LP hybrid. US made and not a bad price. I dig the necks jumbo frets and c shape. I just wish it had the ebony finger board but its still a Rock/Metal machine. The black tweed case, schaller strap locks and locking tuners are a nice bonus. If you are looking something classic but "different", give it a shot. Its a fine addition to my collection.
Musical Background:
20 years. jam at home
Musical Style:
Rock, metal,
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