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Diezel Herbert Overdrive and Preamp Pedal

Diezel Herbert Overdrive and Preamp Pedal

Get the same searing gain, punishingly tight low end and finely tuned midrange of the monster Diezel Herbert head in this pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

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Submitted January 14, 2019 by Darius M in Chicago, IL
"Total destruction"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I was searching for powerful distortion pedal. Play usually metal , and needed something with crushing low end to match my Laney AOR 100 MV. Actually I was tired with all that Marshally sounding pedals and then I saw YouTube review of Diezel Herbert vs Diezel VH-4. Herbert sounded to me more bassy , so that was my choice. When arrived I sat it immediately and started to play. To be honest , first impression wasn't so great. I didn't know how to dial in and needed a bit more time to learn this pedal. Other thing was I played at room level. Next day I bought 18 V power supply ( factory power supply is 12 Volt) . I prepared rig like this : first after guitar Bogner Lyndhurst compressor , second Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor . In the loop of NS-2 Diezel Herbert and DOD FX-10 BiFet boost .Next after NS-2 is Walrus Fathom reverb. Everything into low input of 1987 Laney AOR 100 MV. I crank amp up and …...my jaw dropped. Potential of this pedal is incredible. EQ works totally fantastic. No hissing highs or boomy bass. Low end is crushing. What is interesting , this pedal sounds so great playing riffs and shredding solos . Another great function is mids cut channel. You can switch from regular channel to mids cut channel. Another fantastic sounds opportunities If about gain , I didn't pass 1 o' clock with this pedal. Total power. If you guys ever used Bogner Ubershell , imagine this pedal got more power and more low end ,especially with "Deep" function. So definitely this is the best distortion pedal I ever used and I would recommend to run it with 18V power supply . I'm giving it 5 stars is any category except MANUFACTURER SUPPORT. Some time ago ( about two weeks ) I sent question about this pedal and registration to Diezel USA . They never answered , so I expect if something happened to this pedal , I will have to deal with Diezel Germany . Probably they haven't establish any service or support in the US, except dealership. Kind of sad, cos they making great stuff.
Musical Background:
Play guitar from the time I can remember.
Musical Style:
heavy Metal
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Submitted February 15, 2019 by Dariusz Maroszyk in CHICAGO, IL
"Standed for 40 days"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
So after 40 days my Diezel Herbert broke. Probably switching channel relay. I'm unable to switch between channels. Very disappointing especially for $300 pedal. I'm not even trying claim any warranty from Diezel . I sent a question about registration of my pedal to them two days after I bought this pedal and get answer after 4 weeks from.....distributor Boutique Amps informing that I do not need to register my pedal. So...kind of weird. Now when pedal broke I know that claiming any warranty with Diezel gonna be a hell ( or I'm mistaken). So I decided to return this pedal. Sounded really great .
Musical Background:
Playing guitar for many many years
Musical Style:
Heavy Metal
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