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February 11, 2024

zZounds Live: Orange Vintage Pedals

In the 1970s, London, England-based Orange Amplification reached into the depths of their own amplifier circuits and pulled out a family of signature effects players came to adore. Today, the Orange Vintage series of pedals celebrates Orange's legendary history, with modern recreations of those very effects. The Orange Vintage Distortion, Sustain, and Phaser all draw from the original 1970s circuits, and that's why these effects will remain timeless for years to come.

Watch Justin take the Orange Vintage pedals for a spin and be transported back to the 1970s, when some of the best tones of all time were created. Check out the livestream and see for yourself why you'll want to paint your pedalboard orange!

Orange Vintage Sustain

Orange Vintage Sustain
The Orange Sustain pedal was originally planned way back in the 1970s. More recently, a photograph of a drawing of the original circuit and planned enclosure surfaced, and the Internet went crazy. In its modern incarnation, the Orange Vintage Sustain pedal is a simple 2-knob compressor that evens out your playing, making soft parts louder, and peaky attacks smoother -- to bring everything together in a soup of classic British tone.

BUFFERED BYPASS: The Orange Sustain's buffered bypass retains your guitar's full tone with its low-impedance buffered bypass switching.
LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: The Orange Sustain draws very little current (less than 10 mA).
DOUBLE LED INDICATOR: Two LEDs inside the chassis allow the color of the light to change from blue to purple when gain reduction is really kicking in, giving you instant visual feedback on your tone.

Orange Vintage Distortion

Orange Vintage Distortion
A true 1970s relic, this Orange Distortion pedal is based entirely on the original Orange Distortion. The circuitry has been rebuilt from the ground up. Orange ditched the back-to-back diode design and replaced it with an amp circuit featuring a tone stack. All the original bite and growl is there in a modern, tour-worthy enclosure.

ADJUSTABLE TREBLE: On the amp circuit's tone stack, the bass and mids are preset, and the treble is adjustable to taste via a little trimmer inside the pedal's casing.
LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: The Orange Distortion draws very little current (less than 3 mA).
BUFFERED BYPASS: The Orange Distortion's buffered bypass retains tonal integrity with its high-quality, low-impedance buffered bypass switching.

Orange Vintage Phaser

Orange Vintage Phaser
Based on the Orange's classic "Phazer" from the 1970s, the Orange Vintage Phaser pedal does one job, and it does it well. The classic phaser effect instantly transports your tone to another planet. The Orange Vintage Phaser does this with no fuss, no extra bells and whistles, just pure, silky-smooth phase tone in a vintage-inspired stompbox.

LOW NOISE: Some phase rs can be really hissy, but the Orange Phaser has reduced noise on the input compared with its 1970s counterparts, thanks to a JFET input buffer.
TRUE BYPASS: The Phaser has a true-bypass design, meaning that when the pedal is switched off, your chain -- and your tone -- won't even know it's there.
USER FRIENDLY: The Orange Phaser features only one knob -- this is a set-it-and-forget-it design made for ultra simplicity.
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