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September 1, 2023

zZounds Live: How to Use a Compressor

Compression is one of the most-heard effects in the world, but its ubiquity is almost matched by its mystery. While the applications of compressors can range from gentle squeeze to full vice grip, training your ear to hear the subtle differences can sometimes prove arduous. Well, wonder no more!

Join us on zZounds Live as Justin provides an in-depth look at various types of compressors, how they work, and exactly what to listen for in your quest for sonic perfection!
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Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage FET Compressor

Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage FET Compressor
Dial in that iconic hardware compressor sound! Lindell Audio recreates the '76 limiting amplifier for a killer price -- complete with "all buttons in" mode.

- Old-school VU meter
- Detented Input, Output, Attack, and Release knobs
- Individual ratio buttons; capable of classic '76-style "all-buttons-in" mode
- 1/4" TRS input and output jacks

DSM Humboldt ClearComp Compressor Pedal

DSM Humboldt ClearComp Compressor Pedal
Breathe some new life into your playing with the ClearComp Compressor pedal. Enjoy a more musical and natural sound thanks to the Dynamic Threshold topology.

- Multicolor 5-stage LED gain reduction display
- Blend control
- Continuously-variable ratio ranging from 2:1 through 20:1
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