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Ukulele Buying Guide

There are plenty of reasons to pick up a new ukulele -- they're fun to play, easy to take on the road, and if you already play the guitar, you'll be able to master the basics of the ukulele in no time at all.

First developed over a hundred years ago in Hawaii, modern ukuleles come in four main sizes. From smallest to largest, they are: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, with the smallest size producing the highest pitch. Typically, beginners opt for the comfort of a smaller size like a soprano or concert, while more experienced players often employ larger ukes to fill particular roles in their music.

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Tenor Ukuleles
With a deeper voice and a larger body than you might expect from a ukulele, the tenor uke offers a full, rich sound. While concert-sized ukes typically have a 15" scale length, tenor ukes have a longer 17" scale. The longer necks come in handy for chording and are more familiar to uke players who are native to the guitar.
Acoustic-Electric Ukuleles
When it comes time to start gigging with your uke, you'll want something with electronics. Acoustic-electric ukuleles, also known as electro-acoustic, have onboard pickup systems and 1/4-inch outputs to connect to guitar amplifers, DI boxes, or PA systems. Plus, these ukes' built-in pickups make them useful for laying down tracks in the recording studio.
Unique Ukuleles
Get ready to turn heads and drop jaws with these stunning ukes. Built with specialized string layouts, visual flourishes, and unique body styles, these ukuleles are ideal for players looking for something a little different -- including hybrid instruments like the "guitalele" guitar/ukelele and "banjolele" banjo/ukulele.
Ukulele Accessories
Once you've found the right ukulele, you're going to need some accessories to complete your setup. Grab a stand to keep your uke stable and a gig bag to carry it around. A couple extra packs of strings and a tuner are easy ways to keep your ukulele sounding its best.