Small scale, big sound.

Travel Taylor Guitars: Baby Taylor & Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitars

Not only does Taylor build some of the finest full-size acoustic guitars -- their smaller-size guitars are truly a force to be reckoned with. Boasting the same build quality, wood selection, and features found on some full-sized Taylors, the Baby, Big Baby, and GS Mini acoustic guitars offer players that big Taylor tone in a portable package.

Beyond being portable, these diminutive guitars can help kids learn to play on an instrument designed to accommodate smaller hands. Whether you are a musician on the go, a parent of a budding guitarist, or simply a player seeking an acoustic guitar with a different flavor, the Taylor line of smaller-scale instruments has what you are looking for.

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Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitars
The 3/4-size Baby Taylor dreadnought first hit the scene in 1996, proving that a travel-sized guitar could be well-built, playable, economical -- and sound amazing. The Baby Taylor features a compensated bridge that aids in intonation, which can be problematic in short-scale instruments. With its authentic guitar sound and inviting playing experience, the Baby Taylor is perfect for the guitarist on the go, the budget-minded Taylor fan, or the child learning their first chords.

Each Baby Taylor's back and sides are made of layered sapele, notable for its rich tone, durable texture, and timeless look. Choose the Baby Taylor BT1 for a solid spruce top for a bright tone, or opt for the BT2's solid mahogany top for a slightly darker, earthier tone with pronounced lows. Both woods deliver sweet and rich midrange with a nod to the bass or treble, depending on your choice. Paired with the classic dreadnought body shape, these wood combinations produce a remarkably loud sound for a guitar this size.
Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitars
Building on the success of the Taylor Grand Symphony body shape, the Taylor GS Mini brings the pronounced bass, sweet highs and slightly scooped midrange of the Grand Symphony to a smaller-scale design. Overall, the GS Mini is slightly larger than a Baby Taylor, and slightly smaller than a Big Baby. With a body depth of 4-7/16", the GS Mini delivers a comfortable playing experience and the full sound of a standard-sized guitar.

Sonically, the GS Mini offers a warm, clear tone with a pronounced midrange. This allows complicated chords to shine with clarity in each note -- perfect for jazz strummers and flatpickers. The GS Mini is rounded out with a 3-ring rosette and 3-layer purfling, lending a premium look to this affordable instrument.