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December 19, 2022
Find Martin guitar strings, guitar cases, guitar straps, accessories, gifts, and more!

Martin Strings and Accessories

Are you a Martin aficionado looking for a way to enhance your favorite acoustic guitar? Or maybe you're trying to find a gift for the Martin lover in your life? We've put together a guide to our full selection of Martin accessories, from strings and cases, to straps, accessories, and more!
Martin Strings
Martin's reputation as acoustic guitar innovators is well-deserved -- and they've also done incredible work with guitar strings. Shop their Authentic Acoustic line to find everything from vintage-inspired sets, Lifespan 2.0 coated varieties, and artist signature packs!
Martin Guitar Straps
The best way to hold up your Martin guitar is with a Martin strap! Just like with their guitars, Martin guitar straps are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last. Find the perfect strap to match your guitar and perform in style!
Martin Guitar Care
Ensure your Martin rings out with rich acoustic tone for decades to come! Martin guitar care products, from humidifiers to polish and cleaning cloths, help your guitar to look and sound its best.
Martin Guitar Parts
Although you might think your Martin already sounds and looks perfect, the right new parts can put it over the top. Check out our selection of deluxe bridge and end pins, and see if any catch your eye.
Martin Accessories
Hang your Martin with pride, cut down on feedback, or enjoy a new playing feel with a uniquely beveled Luxe Contour pick! These accessories are a welcome gift for any Martin player.
Martin Apparel
Show off your Martin pride on your body! No, not with a tattoo -- we're talking Martin apparel! Martin T-shirts and hats look great and evoke the brand's heritage.