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February 15, 2024

Mackie M-Caster Series

Compare the M-Caster Live and M-Caster Studio

Mackie's M-Caster Live turns your mobile device or computer into a pro studio for livestreaming, with an XLR microphone input and easy-to-use vocal FX presets. The M-Caster Studio model adds a 4-pad sampler, color display, and more in-depth features for content creators and gamers. Read on to compare the M-Caster mixers, and find the one that's right for your setup!
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Both the M-Caster Live and M-Caster Studio let you...

- Bring any pro XLR microphone into your phone or computer -- or connect your TRRS gaming headset
- Dial in your ideal vocal sound with tone-shaping ContourFX
- Add some flair with fun, voice-changing StreamFX
- Send/receive audio from your computer via USB-C, or send/receive audio from your smartphone via TRRS port
- Take phone calls from guests with a built-in Mix Minus mode
- Customize your look with a glowing RGB LED strip along the base of the mixer

Mackie M-Caster Live: the original easy-to-use streaming mixer

Mackie M-Caster Live
The M-Caster Live model is Mackie's original easy-to-use streaming mixer, ideal for connecting a pro XLR mic to your smartphone (or computer) for pristine sound on stream. The XLR mic input gives you switchable phantom power for plugging in your microphone of choice.

Unique to the M-Caster Live model is a standard USB-C power connector you can feed from a USB power bank -- making it truly portable! Of course, you can also power your M-Caster Live via a USB port or AC outlet with the included cable.

Coolest of all, the M-Caster Live gives you 7 ContourFX presets to transparently tighten up your vocal sound with EQ, compression, and filtering. Plus, you get 7 StreamFX presets for ear-candy voice effects -- reverb, delay, the "telephone" effect, monster and alien voices, and more.

Mackie M-Caster Studio: more powerful features for gamers and creators

Mackie M-Caster Studio
Mackie's M-Caster Studio version adds more features to delight gamers and content creators, including:

- The MixViewer, a full-color TFT display. More than just eye candy, this screen shows you levels for all your audio sources, and gives you fast access to all your settings via the navigation knob, menu button, and home button.

- A built-in 4-pad sampler with 3 GB of internal storage -- great for firing off sound effects and music cues. Mackie gives you 11 sounds to get you started, and it's easy to load and record your own samples! You can even customize the colors of the 4 pads.

- 10 ContourFX presets and 20 StreamFX presets, giving you even more options to sweeten your vocal sound and get creative on stream, whether you're going for smooth and polished or trippy, glitchy FX.

- An XLR-1/4" combi input, so you can plug in any XLR microphone, as well as any line-level source on a TRS or TS 1/4" plug.

- A Bluetooth connection -- perfect for adding call-in guests or interviewees if you're recording a podcast.

Get a quick look at the M-Caster Live and M-Caster Studio in this video from Mackie:

Dive deeper with Mackie's 10-minute walkthrough of the M-Caster Live: