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November 21, 2022
ADJ DJ and Stage Lighting

ADJ Wireless DMX Controllers, Gobo Projectors, Motorized Lights and More

There's never been a better time to outfit your next stage with ADJ lights. From innovative, road-ready faze machines to eye-catching wash lights, ADJ lighting gear can transform any venue. As much as ADJ stresses reliability, portability and ease of use in all their gear, they always keep affordability in mind. zZounds makes it even easier to afford the lights you need, with ADJ lights on our easy monthly payment plans.
ADJ Gobo Lights
A good gobo light does one thing very well: display a unique design in light. But gobo lights can do more -- they can transform a space with shifting patterns, textures and colors. The term "gobo" is short for "go between" -- a word that refers to the physical metal or glass stencil placed in front of a light source, projecting its image on a wall, floor, or ceiling. A dedicated gobo projector light like the ADJ Ikon Profile is perfect for shining your custom logo or message on a wall. For the dance floor, the ADJ Stinger Gobo uses a compact frame, LED source, and built-in gobo patterns to give you a multitude of FX options, from a laser light show to a moonflower effect that covers the floor in rotating spots of color.
ADJ Moving Lights
How do you move an audience? Moving lights are the living metronome of any great stage performance. ADJ moving lights, like the Focus Spot series, combine powerful, low-wattage LED beams with UV lighting to create beat-synced light shows that can direct the focus of any audience wherever you need it. Like special stage scenery that you can save and recall whenever you're ready, motorized lights can instantly change the look of a space. It's not magic -- it's ADJ moving lights!
ADJ Specialty Lights
Seasoned lighting aficionados -- and anyone who knows what looks good -- agree that "standard" lights can only take you so far. For every beam master out there, ADJ creates specialty lights that move away from wacky, into the realm of inspirational. Turn on a ADJ fog machine and an H2O series to create misty water textures, or fire up an ADJ Stinger or Starburst light to create mesmerizing strobe effects and sharp beams that dance in time with the beat.
ADJ Airstream Wireless DMX Control
Pro lighting techs use DMX controllers to control each fixture in their rig -- setting color palettes, dimming, movements, and more. Thanks to the wireless DMX receivers built into ADJ's WiFly series of lights, you can skip running endless strings of DMX cables to all your lights -- saving you time and space. And with ADJ's Airstream iOS apps, there's no need for a DMX light board -- your iPhone or iPad serves as your DMX controller, creating FX shows that are only limited by your imagination. The ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge creates its own dedicated Wi-Fi network that connects wirelessly with your iOS device and your WiFly lights up to 2500 feet away! Plus, the Airstream DMX Bridge has a wired DMX port, so you can control your non-WiFly fixtures, too.

For smaller lighting rigs where your lights are within 15-20 feet of you, many ADJ fixtures are also controllable with the ADJ Airstream IR. Simply plug the Airstream IR into your iPhone or iPad's 1/8" headphone output, and launch the Airstream IR app to turn your iOS device into an IR (infrared) remote control.