Gifts for Keyboardists

Gifts for Keyboardists

Whether the keyboardist on your list is new to the instrument, or a gigging pro, we've got gift ideas to fit any musician: fun mini-synths, effects pedals, headphones, and more. And with gifts starting at $25, you'll be sure to find one that fits your budget.

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Gifts for Beginner Keyboardists
For the beginner keyboardist who's just learning how to play, a portable keyboard is not only tons of fun, it's a great learning tool. Lighted keyboards like the Yamaha EZ-220 have built-in songs that let you follow lights to play along, while the accompaniment moves at your pace -- super-encouraging for students.

Looking for a full-size 88-key digital piano for a beginner? Both Roland and Korg offer full-size digital pianos that offer MIDI connections to world of online teaching applications. The Roland GO:PIANO 88 features high-quality onboard Bluetooth speakers that hook up to your smartphone to create a simple and compact learning solution.

Shopping for someone who already knows their way around the keyboard? One of these mini synths is perfect for players who are interested in creating their own new sounds from scratch.

Every keyboardist needs a way to amplify the sound of their instrument. Most portable keyboards, digital pianos, and synthesizers have a headphone jack so you can plug in for practicing solo -- we recommend the AKG K371 headphones, or a luxurious pair of Neumann NDH-20 headphones for hours of comfortable jamming.

When it's time to perform out loud, your keyboard's built-in speakers can only do so much -- but a powered PA speaker like the Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT or Bose S1 Pro will make a fantastic keyboard amplifier.
Gifts for the Keyboardist with Everything
Can you ever have too many musical instruments? From melodicas to mini synths, every keyboardist can use more toys to play with. The awesomely affordable Korg Volca Modular makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for musicians of any experience level, and tabletop synthesizers like the Elektron Digitone or Moog Subharmonicon make a welcome addition to any rig, large or small.

Guitarists are known for collecting effects pedals, but keyboardists tend rely on the effects on-board their boards. If your keyboard doesn't have much in the way of FX -- or your hands are too busy playing to tweak knobs -- a multi-effects pedal like a Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp or Line 6 HX Effects can be a great addition to your rig.

Shopping for a keyboardist who sings and plays at the same time? A vocal effects unit can add a lot to their performance! TC-Helicon's Perform-VK has MIDI inputs, so you can plug in the MIDI output from your keyboard to control the "smart harmonies," pitch correction, and vocoder effects on the VoiceLive.

Creating whole songs and phrases out of looping audio or vocals opens up improvisational ways to expand your rig. Boss's RC-505 Loop Station Tabletop Looper is more than just a 5-track looper -- this Loop Station has tons of effects with real-time modeling, 85 rhythm patterns, USB MIDI and more.

Whether they're recording live performances or lessons, every musician can use a portable recorder like the Zoom H4n Pro or Zoom R8 multitrack recorder. Or, turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable recorder with an iOS Lightning microphone like the Shure MOTIV MV88, or an audio interface like the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo.

Every keyboard needs a good gig bag. We love Gator ProGo keyboard bags -- they have thick padding to protect your board, huge side pockets, and sturdy backpack straps and carry handles.

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