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January 23, 2022
Dual-Horned Designs for Everyone

Gibson SG Buying Guide

The Gibson SG -- or "Solid Guitar" -- has been a staple of rock music since its introduction in 1961. With its dual cutaways, the SG is a shredder's dream, offering easy access to the upper frets. This design is complemented by a highly playable neck, which allows players to move around the fretboard with lightning-fast speed. With Gibson's array of wood choices, pickup configurations, and design elements, there is an SG for everyone.

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Gibson SG Standard Guitars
These are the SGs by which all others are compared. With their bound fretboards, meticulous inlays on both the fretboards and headstocks, and glossy nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, the SG Standards are meant to be seen as a cut above the rest. Don't let all the fancy bells and whistles fool you -- these SGs are certified tone machines that are crafted to deliver the finest sound on stage and in the studio.
Gibson SG Junior, Special, and Faded Guitars
Get your hands on the finest quality craftsmanship and thunderous tone that only a Gibson can deliver, without the heavy price tag of the Standards. Gone are the flashy inlays and bound fingerboards, but the heavy-duty tone and playability remain. These workhorses are sure to get you the most bang for your buck, and are built to last an entire lifetime of hard playing.
Unique Gibson SGs: Custom Shop, Limited Editions and More
For the truly discerning player, Gibson delivers several SGs with unique design elements, uncompromising quality, and a spare-no-expense attitude. If you crave individuality and exploring the road less taken, then these SGs are the ones you want.