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January 3, 2022
Gibson Custom Electric Guitars

Gibson Custom Electric Guitars: Vintage Feel Without the Vintage Price

Who wouldn't want to get their hands on a vintage 1959 Les Paul? Arguably the most collectable of all vintage electric guitars, these Gibsons are full of mojo accumulated from years of playing. Sometimes, some lucky person will find a pristine model that's been aging gracefully inside its case and forgotten in a closet or attic for decades. Unfortunately, these vintage classics often carry a prohibitively expensive price tag that doesn't really fit into the budget of working musicians or even the hungriest of collectors. Here's where Gibson Custom steps in to save the day -- and your wallet.

Featuring the highest quality components, the finest craftsmanship, and an unprecedented attention to detail, Gibson Custom's electric guitars are as close to the real McCoy as possible. Check out all that Gibson Custom offers and rediscover exactly how your favorite Gibson model was meant to look, feel, and sound.