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December 21, 2022
Gibson's Greatest Hits. Recreated.

Gibson Murphy Lab Collection

Gibson's Murphy Lab Division set out to once again raise the bar in aging a guitar that was just made yesterday. Tom Murphy is a legend in the world of making new guitars that look, feel, and play like originals from Gibson's golden era. By re-engineering the nitrocellulose lacquer with Mr. Murphy's eagle-eyed attention to detail, the Murphy Lab brings Gibson's most iconic models closer than ever to vintage examples. Just like vintage guitars, no two Murphy Lab guitars are exactly the same. Whether they look like they were played for a couple gigs then stowed under a bed for 50 years, or like they were seen in battle 5 nights a week, these guitars will only get better with time. Four different levels of aging make it easier to pick your favorite flavor of wear and tear.

Vintage guitar veterans always talk about the lure and mystique of real-deal vintage Gibsons like the Les Paul bursts from 1958-1960 and block-neck ES-335s. If you're looking for the closest possible recreation of ultra-valuable vintage examples, a Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab model is the best money can buy. Gibson's finest craftspeople use only the highest quality materials to ensure every guitar that leaves the shop is a classic right out of the box.

Experience what's so special about these modern heirloom-quality instruments that look and feel like they were made over 60 years ago. Browse our selection of in-stock guitars with serialized photos so you can see for yourself the details in each example.