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December 21, 2022
Fender Amplifiers: zZounds' Buying Guide

Fender Amplifiers: zZounds' Buying Guide

Having started his career in radio and electronics, Leo Fender had a natural affinity for detail, signal flow, and hand-soldered circuitry. His skills were the catalyst for some of the most famous guitar amplifiers of all time. Well before his Telecaster or Stratocaster guitars saw the light of day, Leo Fender laid the groundwork for his line of amplifiers, releasing the Princeton, Deluxe, and Professional combo amps in 1946.

Since then, Fender has continued to craft innovative and iconic amplifiers that sacrifice nothing and deliver classic, harmonically rich tone. From the punchy Twin with its extended bass response, to the warm Deluxe with its lush overtones and buttery tone, Fender has an amp voiced for any occasion. From classic, all-tube reissues to modern, feature-laden models, zZounds has the Fender amp of your dreams.

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Fender Vintage Reissue Series Amplifiers
At a time when everything seems to be going digital, Fender boldy stands by their classic designs of the past, offering uncompromising recreations of the famous '65 "blackface" models. Featuring all-tube signal paths, the '65 Vintage Reissues recall some of the greatest rock and roll tones ever -- and are incredibly priced for their quality. The '65 Fender Princeton Reverb features punchy and clean 6V6 power tubes feeding a single 10" Jensen speaker for the ultimate in bright, responsive, classic tone.
Fender '68 Custom Silverface Amplifiers
With the '68 Custom "silverface" reissues, Fender brings us more faithful recreations of their iconic designs. The '68s pay tribute to the special year that saw an aluminum "drip edge" grille cloth trim as well as silver-and-turquoise front panel appointments that made these amps instantly recognizable. With a customized signal path for a quicker gain onset, and reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity, these amps can be driven just like the originals. What's more, as you turn up the volume, the saturation increases and the speakers break up easier -- giving you that unmistakably driven Fender amp tone without having to kill yourself with volume.
Fender Hot Rod Series Amplifiers
Based on the late '50's "narrow panel" tweed amplifier design, the Hot Rod series is instantly recognizable with its top-mounted, chrome-plated chassis and "chicken head" knobs. With their all-tube designs, Hot Rod amps are perfect for the player who likes pedals, as these amps responds well to front-end saturation. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III features design enhancements such as graduated volume and treble pot tapers, a tighter overdrive sound, and a low-profile footswitch that easily integrates into your existing pedalboard.
Fender Mustang Amplifiers
If you're looking for a small practice or gigging amp that is functional, flexible and affordable, then you're looking for a Fender Mustang amp. Mustang series amps set a new standard for guitar amplification with their incredible versatility, authentic amp modeling, built-in effects and USB compatibility. Mustang amps are perfect for the beginner or intermediate player seeking one amp that can achieve a variety of authentic and sonically beautiful tones.
Fender Rumble and Bassman Series Bass Amplifiers
Fender's Rumble amp series has been hugely popular with gigging bass players for many years. Lighter and louder than ever, Rumble amps feature a redesigned overdrive circuit and selectable voicing options to deliver a wide array of tones. Upgraded Eminence drivers and premium high-frequency compression tweeters produce clean, modern tone, while the classic grill and Fender logo bring a unique vintage vibe to these modern workhorses.

The flagship Bassman amp series combines classic tube amp tone with modern updates for the contemporary player. Footswitchable channel switching and an automatically biasing power output section lead the way into the future of monster bass tone. The Bassman Neo speaker cabinets combine classic Fender style with ultra-lightweight Eminence neodymium speakers for easy transport and impeccable tone from show to show.
Fender Limited Edition Amplifiers
Designed and crafted with the same quality as the production-run models, these limited-edition amps were born to make an impression, combining stunningly good looks with classic Fender tone. From interesting tolex/covering choices to using alternate cabinets, the Limiteds generally take a well-loved amp and re-energize it with super cool aesthetic enhancements. Also known as Fender's Special Run Amps, these amps are priced to be purchased and used by working musicians and collectors alike. Pick up one of these and show up to your next gig in style.