Digital Mixer Buying Guide

Digital Mixers for Small, Mid-Sized, and Large Setups

Digital mixers offer amazing convenience and sound quality. With fast and easy recall of settings, and powerful, flexible effects processing built into the mixer, digital mixers save time and space. They can potentially save money, too -- since they can take the place of racks of expensive outboard gear, like reverb units, compressors, and graphic EQs.

Most digital mixers give you the option to mix "remotely," using a tablet or other wireless device to control the mixer, which lets you hear the mix in different parts of the room and adjust in real time. A tablet or computer for remote control is a must-have if you choose a mixer in a "rack box" or "stagebox" form factor with no physical mixing surface.

In recording setups, the digital I/O options on digital mixers make it easy to record audio straight to (and play back from) a DAW. Mixers with digital audio protocols like Dante and AVB let you send multichannel audio over a single Ethernet cable -- especially useful for long runs, such as from FOH to the stage and back, since digital audio is much more resistant to noise than analog cables.

With all the different digital mixers available from different brands, it can be hard to choose one. Which mixer will offer the features you need for a comfortable live mixing experience at an affordable price?

We can help! Check out this buying guide to find the right digital mixer for small, mid-sized, and large venues.