Chauvet DJ and Stage Lighting

Chauvet DJ Spotlights, Haze Machines, LED Color Strips, PAR Lights and More

No matter the setting, Chauvet DJ has lights that can suit your event. With our guide to the lighting essentials you'll need to fulfill your specific needs, you'll discover how easy Chauvet DJ makes it for anyone to be a lighting master. Not quite sure what all these lights do? Check out our DJ lighting guide. When you're ready to take the next step, zZounds is ready to offer you Chauvet DJ light on our zero-interest payment plans, with fast, free shipping included -- most orders arrive in just 1-2 days!
Chauvet DJ Lights for DJ Booths and Dance Floors
From the DJ booth to the dance floor, lights like moonflowers and strobes can produce beat-synced lighting effects, while wash lights produce a steady glow to create an intriguing focal point around the DJ. When you have all your fixtures on one stand, even better -- that means less time spent setting up and breaking down. Another way to draw the crowd's attention is with a fog machine. The initial blast of stage fog is dramatic, and the fog particles linger in the air, making those beams of light more prominent for the rest of your set.
Chauvet DJ Lights for Outdoor Spaces
Battery-powered Chauvet DJ lights go where there is no power! Check out Chauvet DJ's Freedom series for lights with built-in batteries and wireless control, making them easy to place outdoors. For weather-resistant, outdoor-rated lights, look to the IP series. These lights have tough housings that repel water, snow, dirt, and sand. While we wouldn't recommend dunking your lights in a swimming pool, they're built to survive outdoor events safely.
Chauvet DJ Lights for Parties
All the lights in this buying guide can easily slot into a party environment -- but Chauvet DJ's got a few lighting effects made to help you convey the theme of your celebration. Get spooky with low-lying fog and UV lights -- or set a futuristic, sci-fi mood with laser-like beams that slice through the air. And don't forget the Funfetti Shot: Aim away from the face, point at some open space, and release a stream of confetti to wow your partygoers. These are just a few of the unique lighting effects you'll find from Chauvet DJ.
Chauvet DJ Lights for Places of Worship
Houses of worship require lighting installations that can handle music and lectures, holiday celebrations, and solemn occasions. The right lighting can transform a plain space into a sanctuary -- but these lights must be easily manageable. We recommend LED PARs that can change colors, moving lights that can project multiple gobo patterns, and uplighting washes that remain static to focus light on a specific area of attention. Here are a few go-to lights that should lead you in the right lighting direction.