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Bridging the gap between harmony and rhythm, bassists have the power to shake the room and define a band's groove. With so many options out there, finding the right bass can be a challenge. Need a fretless 5-string bass to lay down smooth lines that sit right in the pocket? Or do you just need a 4-string workhorse to pound away at some overdriven rock 'n' roll?

Since there are just as many types of basses as there are players, our Bass Buying Guide is here to show you zZounds' bass selection at a glance. Whatever you play, we know we have the bass that fits your style and budget -- and our interest-free payment plans and fast, free shipping will get it into your hands in no time.

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5-String & 6-String Electric Basses
The 5-string bass continues to grow in popularity, and is now a must-have in the arsenal of many modern bassists. The extended range of 5 strings is heard more and more in contemporary progressive music, so gigging bass players often find themselves thrown into diverse situations at a moment's notice. This means hitting deep in the range of the instrument, and bringing out those extended low tones to cover a wide range of genres. From hip-hop to metal, push the low end with that B string, and be prepared to lay down whatever the track needs. If you need extended range on the upper end, pick up a 6-string bass with its extra C string! Here you'll find our picks for 5 & 6-string basses:
Fretless Basses
When playing melodic bass lines, nothing beats the feeling of a fretless bass. Its growl is unique, and depending on your style of playing, it can go from a delicate purr to a ferocious roar. On a fretless, you can fine-tune specific notes to ring out even sweeter -- and do all sorts of unique fills, slides and embellishments that would be impossible on a fretted instrument. Take a look at some of our go-to fretless basses:
Hollowbody Basses
Hollow-bodied and semi-hollow basses deliver an open sound with rich resonance and a large dynamic footprint. Although hollowbodies are often associated with the jazz and country worlds, when played with a pick and/or palm-muted, they deliver a classic rock sound that forms the foundation of countless tracks. Here are our top picks for nailing that hollowbody bass sound:
Acoustic-Electric Basses
There is no substitute for the natural, full-bodied sound of strings vibrating against an acoustic instrument. Acoustic-electric basses offer a warm, earthy tone that can't be found anywhere else. When unplugged, they're perfect for practicing around the house, or for performing at a small venue. When amplified, acoustic-electric basses can fill large spaces with a natural tone, while keeping your flourishes from being lost in the mix. Most acoustic-electric basses have onboard preamps with EQ controls that allow you to shape the instrument's high, low, and midrange response for plugged-in gigs. Take a look at some of our favorite acoustic-electric basses:
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