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"I am so excited to receive the Ableton Push and I couldn't be more satisfied with your payment plan option! Thank you for making this purchase so easy to make. I will highly recommend all my fellow musician friends to shop and spend with you."
April 20, 2021

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Are you an analog purist, or do you prefer the functionality of digital modeling and presets? Do fat, wooly '70s synths ring your bell, or do you think lush '80s pads are rad? Whatever your taste, a synthesizer is a powerful tool in any musician's arsenal. We've taken all the synths at zZounds, put them through a high-pass filter so only the top remained, and added testimonials from real customers who couldn't say enough good things about their favorite models. Check out our list and find one that resonates with you!
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Moog Grandmother Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

Moog Grandmother Analog Keyboard Synthesizer
"Creating interesting and usable sounds has been insanely fun and really puts me in a trance sometimes when I dim the lights and get in the zone."
- Robert in Lee, NH

"Overall a great synth and it has the characteristics of earlier Moogs. It is very easy to use and setup with great classic sounds."
- Paul in Miami, FL

"Quality build, fantastic sound, endless sound design possibilities and expansion into other modular. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?"
- Jonathan in Hutto, TX

Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 16-Voice Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 16-Voice Analog Synthesizer Keyboard
"The Prophet Rev2 16 is by far my all-time favorite! It has a lot of great features from the split keyboard to the onboard special effects to the great sound, but most of all its playability is supreme."
- Ricky in Flint, MI

"The key bed action is very nice. Not too light and not too heavy. Has a nice resistance to key press. The sounds are incredible with the 16-voice unit I ordered. Plenty of user memory space for creating your own patches."
- Jeffrey in Kennett Square, PA

Novation Peak Polyphonic Synthesizer

Novation Peak Polyphonic Synthesizer
"You can get some wonderful sounds that are simply not possible on an analog synth. Having three oscillators on a polysynth can get pretty insane at times! The analog distortion sounds really great, as do the other effects. The reverb is particularly lovely."
- Taylor in Winston-Salem, NC

"This synth has a harsh character that I need in my sound. Its a pleasant grainy fatness that, to my ears sounds like a good tape saturation/distortion effect. It comes from the low end of the gritty oxford oscillators."
- Mario in Everett, WA

"It's the most versatile synth I've ever used. Thanks to the neutral, digital oscillators it can be as transparent as you want. And thanks to the distortion and overdrive it can be as obnoxious or lo-fi as you want."
- Aaron

Roland GAIA SH-01 37-Key Synthesizer

Roland GAIA SH-01 37-Key Synthesizer
"A great combination of old-school interactive with new-school charm. Takes you back to the early days of synths where you had to find the sound you wanted within your soul."
- Barry in Mundelein, IL

"The best part is, if you can't find a premade patch to fit your needs, you can easily and quickly whip up your own custom sound from scratch."
- Josh in Tempe, AZ

"First, the sound quality is incredible. Second, the sounds this synth can produce are diverse. Third, the control layout is very intuitive. Fourth, the keybed is very nice for a synth in this price range.
- Greg in Elgin, IL

Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
"I am very glad we ordered a second Moog Mother-32. Together they make a massive amount of awesome sound. I am trying not to want any rate having two is an amazing amount of fun patching back and forth and with other gear that uses CV, gate, etc."
- C.G.

"My studio is packed full of computers and electronic instruments, and as soon as I plugged the Mother-32 in, the sound of it made me want to sell everything in my studio. The sound of this thing is amazing. Buy 2 of them and you'll be in analog heaven."
- Benny in Los Angeles, CA

"It has an appeal that is hard to describe. This is like a brick while the giant modular is a wall, stack some of these bricks and make your own wall. I intend to make a pyramid with my MIDI gear and this will be in it, count on it. Did I mention the sound? Bob Moog would be proud of this mini Mother."

Roland VR-09 V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard, 61-Key

Roland VR-09 V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard, 61-Key
"If you need to be able to switch from organ to synth to piano all in one keyboard without having to deal with files and pages, this is the board to get. In my humble opinion, the Hammond/Leslie sounds are the best I've heard."
- Steven in Borden, IN

"It's easy to use, the setup is simple, the sounds are great. Ex: I can take a finger bass and change it up to be like a lead...awesome!"
-Jonathan in Emporia, VA

"I bought the Roland VR-09 and I love it. The sounds on the pads and the different sounds on synths are spectacular. The sound is so full. Even though the keys are not weighted they still play well on the piano settings."
- James in Chicago, IL

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer
"The Waldorf Blofeld is a sound design magic box with lots of flexibility and powerful sculpting options."
- Ian in Portland, OR

"The fidelity of the sounds that come out of this thing are astounding to say the least. It's, bar none, the best sounding virtual analog synth for $500 in existence."
- Dan in Jacksonville, FL

"This thing packs a MEAN wallop for the size and price! The basses snarl and rock, the pads are rich and creamy, the leads scream and roar. The wavetables, even by themselves sound good."

Yamaha MODX7 Keyboard Synthesizer

Yamaha MODX7 Keyboard Synthesizer
"So much power in a lightweight "affordable" package. I can carry the MODX7 with two fingers and a thumb, but it sounds like it weighs a ton."
- John in Spanaway, WA

"With the sounds of the Montage and the seamless sound switching like the Kronos for $1,500? This board handles my church, my band and my studio needs."
- Allen in Coatesville, PA

"I bought the MODX7 and couldn't be more impressed with it. Sounds, playability, ease of's truly fantastic."
Todd in Houston, TX

Korg Minilogue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, 37-Key

Korg Minilogue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, 37-Key
"I've spent a total of about 8 hours with it so far and I find myself spending all my time easily creating patches that have the richness, depth, texture, feel, and animation within the tones that exceeds my other analogs."
- Alan in Los Angeles, CA

"I spent one weekend going over every gold and platinum production I've worked on in the last 20 years and playing just a few notes with just a few settings was able to add at a minimum 6 unique, creative, amazing, and marketable tracks on every song I've ever produced within the matter of a few hours."
- Kent in Overton, TX
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